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Crooked Gas Mask

Black Ichor Scenarios include "soft" horror text and graphics.
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[container: blackbox] The Crooked Mask includes a mouthpiece, a nose clip, and a filter containing absorbent materials. This design offers protection against smoke and fumes, but not until the Crooked Mile Ladies Guild used their patch and plug process did the mask work effectively to withstand chemical weapons. Unlike most gas masks found in the mid 1800s, the wet cloth strips, tied over the face, are soaked in redwood and teak. Combined with small bits of charcoal fitted into the filter, the mask provides a protection for different swamp lingering gas.   The mask Elinor Dimblesone bought at Spouters did not seal well and leaked around the edges. To remedy this issue, the Guild resorted to their long held belief that a broken seal allows all sorts of deadly fumes to proliferate. For this task they used their ancient looms and the cadenced words that caused it to mend and replicate. Only legacy members of guild have ever imagined the loom long enough for it to appear. All this is seen is their fingers moving with a crochet hook. All that is heard are the words
With me, a breathing loom, a seal will find and edge to bind.

Quality & Function
After using the masks during the several assignments, it is apparent to Crooked Mile Circle Mile Circle members that only gas masks only sealed with the Guild’s arcane process are safe to use. Technology alone and masks worn in a nonsensical manner will not keep explorers from being gassed. While Crooked Mile gas masks are one way to assure safety, it is sometimes necessary to cover all orifices and to use common sense.
Practical Purpose Mask

Crooked Circle Gas Mask

Crooked Circle Gas Mask by ROD w/Midjourney

Crooked Mile Ladies Guild
Gas & Fit Sealing Process

Gas Mask Sealing

Gas Mask Sealing by ROD w/Midjourney

Cover image: DKL Black Roses Banner by ROD w/Midjourney


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