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Excerpt from Creatures of the Lifestone by Yelvan Studdermug.

Who are the Toronka?
I place this at the end of the book as it will be the shortest section. We know very little about them despite being neighbors for over 7000 years. Did the Cycle of Blood really terrify us that much that we would ignore them for so long? So here I discuss what we do know about them.

Physical Description

They have reptilian like skin with some variation in color. Green, Brown and Black being the most common.
Their arms are a little longer than their legs, giving them an awkward stance. They appear to have retractable claws on their fingers.
Their legs tend to be short and also have the retractable claws.
They a small nose and larger ears similar to and elf.


They are extremely strong, reports of them carrying a great deal of weight while in the trees reflects this as well as the report of the Cycle of Blood.
They swing and run through the trees effortlessly and quickly. Quite a feat when the ground is 200-300 feet below.
They are brutal. Even after the "war," the skirmish reports show they have a consistent method of dealing with their enemies. I will avoid the details here as they are too gruesome.


They use weapons, although made crudely in general.
They do create "houses" in the trees. They are designed from the trees themselves and seem to avoid hurting the forest in the process.
They do cook their food using similar heat stones, similar to the way would.
They lay traps for prey on the mold floor of the forest. Many scouts have fallen victim to these lethal traps as well.


This one is more difficult. It appears they count everything after The Lost Beacon as part of their territory. Scouts have reported that there is an extensive cave network even beyond the initial forest area. It appears the Lifestone Forest could extend even further than we have explored.
They are tribal and it appears that different tribes control the different caves, but their have been disputes fights between the tribes.
The exact number of tribes would be impossible to know at this time. We have reports of only 4 definitive tribes, but depending on the size of hte forest, there could be dozens more.


This one is very difficult. We have not been able to communicate with them at all. All attempts have failed and left us with dead diplomats and soldiers. There is evidence of speech in an unknown tongue and the use of symbolism. These symbols could constitute some sort of religious worship or just a way to mark their territory.

Rumors and Debates

There are a lot of these, so bear with me. These have inconsistent reports, but I believe are important to present here.
They can conceal themselves by changing their skin color.
They eat their dead. This appears to be an assumption based on the fact that there have been no graves found. I disagree with this assumption.
They are demons. This one gives no evidence except their viciousness which is enough for most. I believe they may be influence or manipulated by the demons.
They can summon a demon. I agree with this one actually. The reports in the Cycle of Blood reflect something large enough to shake the ground. No scouts have ever found such a creature though. The rest of these get a bit ridiculous, but I believe the ones I have written will help you realize how little we know of these people.


So what should we take away about the Toronka? Mostly that we need to know more, but gaining that knowledge becomes increasingly dangerous and we don't want to create another war with them.

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