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Exploring Crevice: Words and Phrases

Although there are common words and phrases used throughout Crevice like Maggotfodder and Mealfeed (both very rude to say), there are some that seem exclusive to each Stratum. Here are some of the more common idioms from each Stratum.  

Lake Stratum

Learn to Float:This interesting phrase is usually used to tell people to relax and enjoy life.    

Hydro Stratum

Crank it again:This commonly used phrase means to check something again. It refers to the old cranks that were originally used for control the water. They would be hard to lock in place and sometimes requires several turns. The new cranks are improved, but the term is still used for almost anything.  

Guild Stratum

Eat your Chips! This phrase is used by merchants during price negotiations, usually when the merchant is insulted by the offer.  

Engineering Stratum

Eger Tha:This oddly accented phrase is used for a variety of reasons. Most commonly used as an affirmative response to a superior at work. It can also be used sarcastically as an insult or as a punchline to a joke. Some also yell it out in surprise or anger or hunger?.... So basically no one is really sure what it means except the people of Engineering Stratum.  

Arcane Stratum

Pocket the Whistler:Although based on a joke made by a professor that is now long forgotten, it is used commonly by students. Generally it means don't waste resources. Other forms may include "You forgot the Whistler" (You wasted too much) or "grab the whistler" (You forgot something). Professors may use these phrases as a teaching tool without being specific about what they wasted or missed.  

Paradise Stratum

Slider: Used to describe some who did not purchase the correct shoes...which should be important when walking on ice.    

Cryo Stratum

Snuffle Nose:Just means someone feels sick. The origins of this phrase are a bit of a mystery though. What is a Snuffle?  

Entertainment Stratum

Swing Left: Simply means good luck. The origins seem to stem from a trapeze artist that died in an accident. The story seems to suggest that if he had swung left instead of right, he would have survived.  

Mining Stratum

Roll the pebble:Usually refers to taking a chance. This is rooted in an old process of using a pebble to see how steep a slope a new cave has.

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