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Mirandei Aldur

Explorator Mirandei Aldur

"Mail for you!" The Air Post system in Patino didn't need to rely on large towers; the cliff itself provided all the vertical altitude needed to distribute mail across all of the lower wards. Thanie stepped outside her apartment door to see her landlord plucking an envelope from the clip, this building was directly attached to the post. "Doesn't say who it's from, but it's addressed to a Thanie, so here you go."   The apprentice immediately recognized the smooth cursive on the envelope's front as that of her mother. Thanking her landlord quickly, she shut the door and groaned. What did her mother send her this time? She tore the envelope open and skimmed the missive quickly.  
"To my dearest Thanie,   I hope your assignment in Patino is going well! Nothing that crazy has happened here. My assignment to the Stagonids has been delayed, so I was thinking of paying you a visit-"
    Did her mother not understand the nature of a Magistrate's undercover work? Thanie put a hand on her head.  
"-there is a beautiful cafe on the Upper Ward overlooking the old waterfall cliff, if I'm not mistaken. We simply must go there, I've heard so many great things about it. Do write when you have the next opportunity, the adventures of a Magistrate, or near-enough-in-my-estimation, would be an absolute charm.   On that note, I did want to ask for what your mother would term 'artistic license'. I was going to have a young Magistrate appear in my next Iron Mac serialization, a little bit of you, a little bit of your friend Cara, and she'd get swept away by Mac's fearlessness and infinite energy. I'm sure this would be perfectly alright with you, but I thought I would write and make sure I got my daughter's blessing.   With love, your mother, Mirandei
Thanie briefly contemplated her return message. "Only if I get to claw Iron Mac's eyes out?" She put the letter away and sighed. Some fights weren't going to be worth the effort.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In her youth, Mirandei was in peak physical condition, a requirement for being able to pull off such feats as climbing the side of a ruined well using only your fingertips and toes for grip. As an adult that is no longer always in the field, she has made many recent complaints about how out-of-shape she is compared to her youth, though she maintains a rigorous workout schedule.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mirandei Aldur is a Cartographer of the Cartographer's Guild and a member of The Academy of Etoile. The daughter of merchants, her stint at the Academy resulted in her finding her calling, when she volunteered to assist the Cartographer's Guild in re-mapping the coastline of the promontory east of the Etoile Capital City after the transit of a major storm. That particular storm had uncovered parts of an ancient ruin buried under the beach sand and drowned in water; Mirandei was a strong swimmer and managed to map the entire complex for further study by feeling her way through the underwater ruins. This feat qualified her as a Cartographer in full, and with Guild backing, she was sent off to explore several of the remote locales across Saibh.   While a noted and successful Cartographer, she is more well known for lurid accounts of her explorations and exploits, what with her additional gift in writing what has been termed 'low-brow journal schlock'. Tales of her genuine exploits (for example, uncovering a previously-unknown temple complex deep in the forests of southwestern Saibh, not far from the Navarro Exclusion Zone) have been mixed with what would charitably be called 'nonsense' (fighting deranged animals and a cult full of people mutated by the substances in the soil). Mirandei has freely admitted that she writes and is serialized for the money, which has been enough to mostly retire from adventuring and exploration (though she continues to go on a Cartographic expedition at least once a year). Apart from that, she spends her time at her apartments in the Capital, fulfilling one or another serial contract for journal publication. Her works are quite popular among the public.


Mirandei received a full education at The Academy of Etoile and has published several academic works regarding her findings as a Cartographer. These publications, unlike her serials, are quite serious and well respected.


In her early years as a Field Cartographer, Mirandei was constantly on expedition, mapping unknown portions of the world and exploring frontier civilizations and cataloguing ruins. Her serialized semi-fictional journal publications, however, have brought in enough money to where she is semi-retired as a professional Cartographer, content to travel once or twice a year for a choice assignment.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Mirandei has listed in an interview her three proudest discoveries: the ancient Temple Bell of the Askri (now recovered and in a museum), the Great Waterway excavations northeast of Coridii, and the Abyss Ziggurat, an underwater pyramidal structure in shallow waters roughly a mile from Kraj Zeifluss, in the Bui Sea. The thirty-volume completed serial of the adventures of Miranda Induri, dashing explorer and fierce lover, isn't exactly on the list of proud accomplishments, but has sold tens of thousands of copies.

Intellectual Characteristics

Mirandei has been noted and praised for what her old Cartographer mentor described as 'carefully judged recklessness', a trait that comes in handy when exploring dangerous and ancient ruins. This recklessness is probably also what motivates her secondary writing career, as most professionals would probably not have chosen to risk their primary job through salacious fiction.

Personality Characteristics


Mirandei was bitten by the 'exploration' bug early, and completed what many would consider a 'full' career as a Cartographer prior to the age of thirty, due to her long list of discoveries. Her exploration of the literary space seems to drive her today; her written works have steadily become more outlandish and salacious, as if daring the reader to confront her (she has cheerfully admitted in interviews that most of her writing is fictional).


Family Ties

Her daughter, Thanie Aldur, is an apprentice Magistrate of The Magistrates of the Longhall in Ebensberg. As a child, Thanie loved her mother's stories, but in her teenage years she has considered them a bit of an embarrassment in her own career path.

Wealth & Financial state

While her parents were comfortable, Mirandei has amassed enough wealth through journal subsidies and royalties that she rivals the accumulated monies of a lesser noble House, enough to maintain a set of apartments in the Etoile Capital City.
Year of Birth
688 M 37 Years old
Silver-streaked blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown

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