Eoland is a Feudal Barony, ruled by Baron Havalor Brazenhorn of the Family Brazenhorn, rulers of Eoland for three generations. Under him are eight Eorls from eight noble families who oversee smaller sections of Eoland, collect taxes, and organize militias. Several of the Eorls are despised by the common folk as spoiled, ruthless, or greedy, though Havalor is generally loved for his compassionate views and success in the wars against the Horde Orcs of the Orcfist Hills. Havalor's wife, the Baroness Aecerys, is a Wood Elf of noble blood from Ceraldrien; the marriage, though forged out of love, has also created lasting peace and trade between Eoland and Daenor for more than 30 years. Many of the Eorls are surreptitiously hostile towards Aecerys, fearing that she will continue to rule the traditionally Human Eoland with her inhumanly long life once Havalor dies, leaving no Human heir. Their two children are twin Half-Elves, male Talias Brazenhorn and female Kalias Brazenhorn, who will eventually divide power between them, but have just begun to adventure.


As its creed implies, Eoland is one of the first human controlled countries in the Centerlands along with Voranor, founded shortly after the First Ruination when the barbarian tribes of the area coalesced under King Vyncic Eol in 21 AFR. King Vyncic and his heirs took much of the land abandoned by the Elves of Daenor to the south up to the edge of the Aedyrith, fighting off the Horde Orcs to the east and west while simultaneously conquering and incorporating human tribes and settlements to the north. At its peak, the Kingdom of the Eols comprised of the Vales to the Ironwood to Horizontus to Lake Nenlas. The Eolian line lasted nearly 2000 years and finally died out in 1949 AFR near the end of the Second Ruination and the Urdan invasion. The Eolings, devastated and divided after the war, felt abandoned by their last ruler, King Eallard III, who fell under the spell of an Urdan Tiefling enchantress and opened Eoland to the dark armies of Urda. Once the Alliance defeated Urda, Eoland was incorporated into the Voran Empire as a vassal state until 2167 AFR, when the Eolian Rebellion forced out the weakened Voran Empire. A period of warring factions ensued, each led by families claiming ancestral ties to the Eols. In 2202 AFR, the Brazenhorn family created a coalition under Havlar Brazenhorn and defeated the challenging families to form the Barony of Eoland. Baron Havalor Brazenhorn is Havlar's grandson, and has ruled since 2246 AFR in relative peace.


The Eorune Valley forms the center of Eoland, but the realm stretches from the southern edge of the Whisperwood to the south: the Earthspears, Orcfists and Sharpwood to the west: Shadesmoore, the Westwall of the Vales, and the western edge of the Golden Hills to the east; and the southern border of the Ironwood and Neminster Bridge to the north.


Worship of all goodly and most neutral gods is currently tolerated in Eoland under Baron Brazenhorn, but the most followed are Abadar, Erastil, Iomedae, Sarenrae. Followers of evil gods are persecuted, banished or killed.

Agriculture & Industry

Eoland is primarily an agricultural country, with lush, fertile fields throughout much of the Eorune Valley. The Eoling grow grains, vegetables, grapes for wine and hops for beer (Eolbeer), and also maintain vast orchards of fruits and nuts. Animal husbandry is also a large part of their economy, sustaining millions of grazing animals and livestock. Eoland provides much of the food and drink for the Vales, which trades in precious metals from its many mines.

The First Men


60% Human, 15% Wood Elf, 10% Half-Elf, 5% Halfling (4% Wanderlust/1% Hearth), 5% Hill Dwarf, 2% Gnome (1% Gear/1% Forest), 1% Natyr, 2% varies

20% in Fallsmere, 35% in other towns, 45% rural

Founding Date
Kingdom of Eoland: 21 AFR / Barony of Eoland: 1202 AFR
Eoling, Eoman, Eowan
Head of State
Baron Havalor Brazenhorn
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
Food, livestock, wine, beer, pipeweed
Major Imports
Metals, glass, oil, salt, spices, paper, textiles
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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