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Wanderlust is the condition of not being to stay in one place for too long. This means that those who suffer from it like to travel. In fact, they feel the urge to travel. While this is in no way a huge issue for those like the Travelling Bards who live on the road, it can be quite worrisome for the more sedate peoples like gnomes.  
"Girom, why are you leaving? There is plenty to do here."   "Mama, I have seen everything here. There is so much more out there to see. I have to go."   "Girom, this is not the gnomish way."
— the last conversation between Girom and his mother

Transmission & Vectors

This condition is not contagious. It is something you are born, the undeniable to wander and explore.


The cause is unkown, though the satyrs have a perpensity to acquire the condition of wanderlust it is rather rare in most other sapient species.


Itchy feet, wandering eyes, restless legs.


The only known treatment for wanderlust is to get out and travel. Some cases are mild and can be managed by travelling through the village. In the most extreme cases those suffering from wanderlust will spend a lifetime travelling only stopping for a day or two here and there.


Wanderlust in and of itself is not life threatening. In fact many who suffer from this condition live long and productive lives. This does not however mean the condition is entirely benign. There have been those who while suffering from wanderlust have died due to natural hazards and accidents.

Cultural Reception

Though the condition is accepted by most cultures, the fae in general believe it to be a monstrous condition, one which takes loved ones away from their families. The Satyrs are the exception to this. They have devised a means for the family units to stay strong even while one or the other partner is off on an adventure.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species


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