The town suddenly became deserted for no apparent reason. It is considered cursed as there is no explanation as to how it came to be deserted.   There have been some adventurous souls who have made the attempt to investigate the cause of the disappearance of the inhabitants. All to no avail. Every attempt has led to the investigator fleeing the town in terror. No one will speak of it or its name for fear of the curse. Those who have spent more than a week within the town have also vanished.   There are rumours Clayerboorn is haunted. Strange sounds have been heard emanating from the town on still nights. Lights have been seen to be floating through the streets on misty nights. Most people will stop short of the town and camp in the countryside to avoid the spectres of Clayerboorn.   Some have said the people who once lived in the city still wander the streets looking for a way to return to their homes. Trapped by magic in another realm similar to the fae wilds.   Though no one knows for sure what the cause, most fear the consequences of those streets. With all that has gone on within the town limits it is unlikely anyone will ever know for certain.


Clayerboorn was once known for its vast markets. It grew originally to be a stopover point for Druids on their way to the conclave. This ended suddenly one night about fifty years ago. The town became a ghost town without a single person living there and no signs of violence.   All the inhabitants seem to have left the town for some unknown reason on the same night. Nothing else was gone just the human inhabitants.


This town was once a bustling tourist attraction because of the druids passing through.  Because of this the people of Clayerboorn made attempts to draw more people to the city by offering other exotic items.  These included items like silk scarves, uniquely crafted blades, and exotic foods which were brought in from other parts of Corrigenda.

1151 OTO

Large town
Owning Organization


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