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Caern Vatore

"Listen carefully to my story and warning. According to our history there was once a city built on a plateau by our people. That city was known as Caern Vatore."   A loud hiss escaped the mouths of the students.   "Now, now.. I know that name sits in infamy in our history because of the dragon raid. Here is the truth of itthough. The founders of hte city refused to build defenses as it would detract from the view. You see this city produced arrogance in its inhabitants like we produce silk from the silk moth. The problem was that was all they had arrogance and derision for others. The leaders couldn't even decide on what should go where or if they should pave the roads.   "Though we are elves we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the same pattern they did or our very culture will be destroyed.
— Elven Historian to a class full of students.


The city was comprised entirely of elves.


The city was run by a council. Unfortunately, the members of the council couldn't agree on anything.


For a city built during the Unending War it lacked defences. This in turn caused its downfall.


Caern Vatore lacked any formal infrastructure as it only lasted for twenty seven years and the elves hadn't been able to agree upon how things should be set out.


The City of Caern Vatore was established in 427 BTO during the Unending War by a group of elves who were so arrogant they figured having a city would be enough to save them from the war. The city lasted a total of twenty seven years before it was sacked by a raiding group of dragons. During its heyday there were close to sixty thousand elves in the city. On the day of the raid the population dropped to zero as the entire city was razed to the ground without any chance for the citizens to flee.


The city was built on a plateau with easy access and gorgeous vistas.

400 BTO

Founding Date
427 BTO
Alternative Name(s)
City of Arrogance
Current population 0, Population at its height 56334
Location under


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