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A card game of deceit and bluffing, Liar! is popular among the Laughing Circus and has been taught to the youths of Goltheris.
The game's rules are called "simple"
  1. At least one card is played face-down per turn in ascending order of cards (lowest value to highest value).
  2. If a player does not have the card they need to play, they can play a card (or several) and say it is the card they need.
  3. Should another player believe the player is lying, they call out "Liar!" and the player must turn over the card or cards they had played in their turn.If the player accused of lying had played a card they were not supposed to play, then that player must take the entire stack of cards that had been played.
  4. If the accused had not been lying, then the accuser must take the entire stack of cards that had been played.
  5. The first player to run out of cards in their hand wins.


The game was created by an uncredited person of the Laughing Circus centuries ago, and the game remained popular within the Circus, until about seventy years ago when one member introduced a group of bored children to the game.
"The game hurts no one, and those kids need something to keep them from coming before the Goltherine Courts and the Law-Shields."
— Supposedly the Circus member who introduced Liars! to the children of Goltheris

Components and tools

The game requires at least three players and a deck of playing cards.
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