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Tet, The Adamantine Sage

God of Magic, Knowledge, Civilization, Systems, and Contracts

Titles: The Oathmaster, The Akashic Librarian, The Leyline Overseer, The Adamantine Sage, Lord of Spellcraft, Patron of Mages, The Father of All Magic, The Oathbinder, The Jade Administrator   Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff   Alignment: Neutral Good   Obedience: Spend an hour reaffirming you promises, your oaths, and your contracts. Spend the hour doing so in remembrance of knowledge you have gained and that you wish to gain, while swearing an oath to never settle for mediocrity or ignorance.   Effect: By spending one minute setting up a ritual with willing participants, you can replicate the effects of a Geas spell with a CL equal to your HD. Additionally, by studying a creature within 30ft as a standard action, you can determine whether that creature can cast spells and if so what kind(Arcane, Divine, Natural, Etc) as well as what their highest tier of casting is and whether or not they have spell-resistance. Once per day as an immediate action, you can adjust a spell cast within your line of sight within 60ft and adjust either the range, save, or caster level for the purposes of scaling effects up or down by one or one "increment"(Such as Medium to Close range). If adjusting a spell's range would mean the original target is no longer valid, the caster much choose a new target within range or simply lose the spell.   1st Boon: Shield 3/Day, Protection from Arrows 2/Day, or Explosive Runes 1/Day   2nd Boon: You may use the immediate action part of the obedience 3/day instead of 1/day. Additionally, you become capable of telling all the information gleamed via the standard action study of the obedience passively at a glance, and gain Arcane Sight as a constant SLA on top of it. You may, additionally, adjust the spell's level(After Metamagic) by one up or down or change one of the spell's descriptors(Either adding or removing) and modifying the spell appropriately.   3rd Boon: You may use the immediate action part of the obedience once per round instead of 3/day, and may adjust all values by 2 instead of 1. Your eyes take on the appearance of solid jade gemstones embedded in your head and you gain true sight as a constant Extraordinary Ability.

Divine Domains

Good, Magic, Artifice, Knowledge, Void, Law(Legislation Subdomain Only), Strength(Resolve and Self-Realization Subdomains only)

Holy Books & Codes

The Oathmaster's Word

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Wizard’s Staff within a pyramid

Tenets of Faith

Enforce the terms of contracts. Never break your promises or oaths, uphold your given and written word, and see that others do the same.
Seal the Unknowable. Seek out and seal away dangerous or forbidden knowledge. Ensure dangerous secrets and that which should not be known is kept sealed away and hidden.
Innovation over Stagnation. Society must always progress - support those who push the boundaries of what is known or acceptable, and strive to do the same. Innovation is always worthwhile in the end.
Ignorance is a disease, you are the cure. Pursue knowledge and cure ignorance wherever you go, and oppose blind obedience. Education, Information, and Critical thinking are the greatest tools of society and its advancement.
Safeguard the systems of the world. Be it magic or civilization or otherwise, the systems that run the world must not be used for evil nor fall to corruption. Protect these systems, ensure they are not twisted or abused, and further their causes to those yet untouched by them.



Divine Goals & Aspirations

See ignorance erased from the world.   Preach the value of bonds, contracts, and one's personal code or promises.   To see Knowledge spread to all corners of the world and for dangerous knowledge hidden away and kept from those it could harm.
We are chosen by The Lattice for a reason. Given our gifts for a purpose. In return, we further the study of magic, and bring the light of civilization to all. We are the envoys of The Lattice. Its chosen few. And we cannot use this gift wantonly.
— Unknown
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Ruled Locations
Areas of Concern
Mages, Scholars, Seekers of Knowledge, Monks, Judges, Lawkeepers, Envoys of Civilization, Adventurers, Wanderers, Bureaucrats
Main Temple and Location
The Adamantine Library(Located in Venau)
Holy Animal
Warlock Bugs, Ravens, Owls
Holy Colors
Adamantine(Dark Green)
Holy Number


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