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Atlas, The Ineffable

The one and only Overdeity and creator of the Planescape

Divine Domains

None / Unknown. If he still exists at all, he is beyond even the Major Gods and does not respond to mortal calls.

Holy Books & Codes

Pangu's Shellscript

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A man curled inside an egg

Tenets of Faith

None / Unknown. Atlas, if he still exists at all, would classify easily as an Overdeity and thus either cannot or cares not to contact or respond to the prayers or calls of mortals or creatures of any kind.


None / Unknown.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

He sacrificed his divine life once he was born from the Primordial Chaos at the dawn of reality to give birth to life both mortal and divine, and all of reality and the Planescape as it is known today.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There has only been one Overdeity in the history of the Planescape, and that was none other than Atlas, the Ineffable being that was said to have sprang forth first from the primordial chaos at the beginning of all things. He was a titan of such unfathomable proportions that he existed beyond mortality, morality, physicality, and all concepts now attributed to him...and while the myths and stories attributed to him and his birth vary from culture to culture, he is unique in that he can be found in some form or shape in almost all cultures across the world. Whether it is told that he broken out of the egg at the beginning of all things or that he strode forth the chaos a titan unmatched, what is universal across all cultures is that, once he looked upon the vast and truly infinite nothingness surrounding him, he soon set to work using his own unfathomable body to give it life.   Like the first and grandest martyr, Atlas began to carve off sections of his own body to form reality itself...the light that twinkled within his eyes formed the stars in the sky, his skin broke apart and formed the planes, his fingers and toes broke apart and formed entire galaxies, his muscles became the foundations for the fundamental concepts of reality, his eyes became dozens of suns across the Planescape...all parts of his body eventually broke apart and took shape into an infant Planescape.   As he broke apart and ceased to be, from his mighty head and brain did the Primordial Gods spring forth, inexorable beings born from various aspects of Atlas's mind that yet slumbered, but would soon awaken and take on more solid shapes and forms. Born from their father's dying corpse, the three brother gods took the lead and began to forge what their father had died to give shape, a more solid existence...and over time, other shards of Atlas's great body began to take shape and formed the various Major Gods...altogether, Atlas can now be found in the air, the sky, the water, and in all aspects of life and the molecules and atoms that make up every inch of the Planescape he loved so much he gave his titanic, ineffable life to birth it.   However, in many stories, the location of his heart remains unknown, and is believed to be a place of such monumental significance that, should it ever be found, that perhaps even Atlas himself could be revived.   As an Overdeity, Atlas is beyond the ken of mortals and cares nothing for worshipers if he even still exists. He does not grant spells, does not answer prayers, and do not respond to queries. His existence is not common knowledge among the people of Ea and the World at large, and is generally only theorized and know of in scholarly circles and those particularly zealous believers in the divine.   Interestingly, almost all who know of him believe that it is only with his divine will and permission can another creature rise to godhood...not even the Primordial Gods can override the will of Atlas and promote a being to godhood without it.
From him did all things flow; Each and every one of us, gods and mortals alike. We are all his children, given form by his act of martyrdom. We are little different than the trees, the oceans, and the air...they think as we do, simply in a form we cannot comprehend...and above all-   Atlas lives. He lives on his us, his children, watching over us as a part of all things. Our father, eternally watching and guiding us.
— Yonnigan Leafwarden
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Pangu, Brahma, The Divine Father, Zanagi, Father of the Planescape, The Primordial Firstborn, Life's Protector
Circumstances of Birth
Born at the beginning of all things, from the Primordial Chaos.
Circumstances of Death
Died when he gave his divine life to forge and give birth to all of reality and the Planescape.
Holy Animal
Boar and Bear
Holy Colors
White, Black
Holy Number


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