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Takeshi Watanabe (a.k.a. Samurai)

Everybody's got secrets, Seth...
  Takeshi was a renowned mercenary in Berkner and also an agent of Shackleton under the code-name Samurai. Famed for his use of a modified katana and his cybernetic enhancements, Takeshi was one of the greatest mercenaries in Berkner. He spent several years mentoring and working alongside Seth Alpin, who would eventually kill Takeshi for a contract.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Takeshi was born in 2021 in Berkner. His father, Kiro, was a prominent assassin for the Nankyoku-Kai - the Yakuza in West Antarctica. It was from his father that Takeshi learnt everything he knows, including how to skilfully use a katana.   As expected, Takeshi was inducted into the Nankyoku-Kai - working alongside his father and carrying out several assassinations.  

Keln Invasion

When Takeshi was 34, the Keln Empire invaded Earth. Like the majority of criminal gangs in the area, the Nankyoku-Kai fought alongside the army in a futile attempt to defend the city from the aliens. Takeshi fought side by side with his father, who was shot during the battle by a Keln soldier. With his dying breath, Kiro gifted his modified katana to his son.   When the battle was lost, the Nankyoku-Kai retreated into the shadows of Berkner and continued to make a living through crime. They were one of the first gangs to partner with Shackleton, paying regularly in exchange for intelligence on the Keln's patrol routes and imminent raids.   It was through this connection that Takeshi learnt of Shackleton. Crafting a disguise for himself, he began to carry out undercover assassinations for the Resistance movement - adopting the nickname Samurai. This continued for many years, as Takeshi lived a double life as a Yakuza and Shackleton assassin.  


At 40 years old, Takeshi was lured into the cybernetic enhancement program - advertised as a Shackleton experiment for medical technology. Takeshi was one of the few who survived the process, and emerged with inhuman strength and reflexes - only enhancing his abilities as an assassin. Luckily, Takeshi was not marked by the Empire as a dangerous cyborg and was permitted to leave.   After a great deal of convincing Shackleton that the experiment had not brainwashed him, Takeshi continued to run operations for the Resistance movement - including extremely dangerous missions that only an enhanced individual could handle. Around this time, Takeshi left the Nankyoku-Kai to focus on Resistance work - this was approved the Godfather, who knew Takeshi very closely.   Several years afterwards, Takeshi met Seth Alpin - a young cyborg who had been drifting between criminal gangs for several years following the experiment. Takeshi took him on as his protege, teaching him everything he knew about assassination. For several years, the two became an inseparable duo of mercenaries - taking on a variety of contracts from many criminal gangs.   However, Takeshi kept his involvement with Shackleton a secret from his protege. Many years later, Seth took on his own contract from the Keln Empire to hunt down the Resistance member Samurai. Not realising the target was his mentor, Seth tracked Takeshi down. Takeshi unsucessfully tried to convince Seth to join Shackleton, and was shot by Seth.

2021 - 2069 (Died 48 years old)
Circumstances of Death
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