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Groups -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Auctoritas acts as a PC's reputation and will be different with any individual NPC, group or faction. You keep track with the above tracker. Each empty box represents one point of auctoritas and always start at zero.   As you interact with them, you would lose or gain auctoritas, depending on the situation, by marking or erasing towards the left or right.   When a group of boxes is filled up in one direction, highlight the level number they were under and then clear away the marks. You can then aim for the next milestone by starting again from zero through the first and second set. And so on.   However; if you are, at the same time, earning negative auctoritas, then you downgrade your score by 1.
Auctoritas is the clout and favour a person carries within their community. It is intangible and partly earned and partly inherited from the reputation of one's parents.  
It is earned by:
  • Rising to high political positions
  • Successful military engagement
  • Excultation from the public
  • Reaching rare titles
It is inherited through:
  • A noble bloodline
  • An ancient name
  • Far-reaching connections
  • Alongside material wealth
  It is spent in:
  • Being the defense in a court
  • Stripping off the material defenses of ones' person
  • Asking for things without offering a barter
  • Looking for political favour


There is no observable manifestation of auctoritas. It is comprised chiefly of the community's memory of a person's deeds and merit.   Because such communities can have variable values, people tend to have different levels of auctoritas depending on where they are conducting their business.   Auctorita is thought to have pseudo-magical qualities among the Swampers, since possessing more of it can greatly improve ones quality of life. As a result, many also attribute auctoritas as a vital component in using magic squares; and thus: power.
Hue Headless
Species | Jan 15, 2024
— Auctoritas is most often represented as a large eyed owl as they are considered the wisest animal


Warrior Class

In high quantities, it reflects the prestiage a warror has within the fire realms. He can rally support around any issue and emit a "power to command" to lead armies.  

Common Class

In the lower quantities, people keep track of their auctoritas to trade for thing they need. It reflects the confidence others have in their social standing.

When you have a +2 or higher auctorita points during social transactions, you can roll 2d6 to:
  • persuade an NPC to your thinking on a 10 or more.
  • Lose 3 positive auctoritas on a 7-9. If you don't have enough, take the remainder as negative.
  • Clear all positive auctoritas on a 6 or less

Cover image: Odru, Lord of Owls by Andy Aslamov


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