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Zarethael (a.k.a. Chatan)

Also known as Chatan, the Mad One. Bound millennia ago by the Tharaoh who drew a lot of their power from him. Was actually betrayed to the Tharaoh, by his 3 daughters. Luniela and the other Thitans originally left him bound to further the Great Project, but now they are scared of setting him free.   Bound in the ruins of a palace in the heart of Ashaido. Tended by his last surviving daughter, Inaziko, who is quite mad herself. Unpredictably dances between rabid rage and fits of depression. Totally insane talking to himself or beings who are not there. Every decade or so his struggles will send ferocious storms of madness known as Chaos Storms, across the continent of Apharial, that will twist or destroy any caught within it. Often unwittingly flits between Aalevi, Urashi, & Humani forms.   Was one of the most charismatic of the Thitans. Liked to mix with the mortals, often taking concubines.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Severe Mental Illness and Schizophrenia


Family Ties

Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Birth
-1 (783 years old)
Current Residence
Aaru - The First World
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Seraphien Language
Character Prototype
Orlando Bloom

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