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Eliniela (a.k.a. Caliothe)

One of the Thitans. She tried to rescue some of the Vhilinayi of Basheol and brought them to Tianant via her Tower of Shoje where they became known as Thurmejhar. She was trying to help them recover who they once were. But the more time she spent with them the more wild she herself became. The Thurmejhar are still attracted to the Tower as they have a bond with her, and still gather around the tower calling for her with their mad chaotic thunderous calls.   She was once the prime instigator for the Great Project the Thitans are working towards. She grew weary, and openly started to talk about abandoning the Great Project. Eventually she retired to the Tower of Shoje and fell into a great sleep. As she slept, her sister, Luniela worked a great enchantment upon her and transformed her into a child with no knowledge of her previous life. The Tharaoh sorcerer, Ushiel made the Tower of Shoje his home and discovered the sleeping child within. He took her as his servant and named her Caliothe. Though she does not know it, Ushiel uses her as a source of power and that this is why she often feels tired. Though she is Ehoshim, her current form is that of an Aalevi child of 13.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma


Divine Classification
Current Location
Tower of Shoje
Aaru - The First World
Biological Sex
Light Blue
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Seraphien Language
Character Prototype
Maki Horikita

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