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Eliniela (a.k.a. Caliothe)

The most powerful of the Thitans who is trying to manipulate the worlds of the Eshanjar Khorus. She was once the prime instigator for the Great Project the Thitans are working towards. Over the centuries she grew restless and became distracted with trying to help some of the Vhilinayi of Basheol. Her experiments, took a lot of power from her, so she was distracted when Luniela tricked her into a deep enchanted sleep.   Eliniela was particularly close to Zarethael and Luniela suspects that they had a physical relationship with each other, which something other Ehoshim would consider particularly obscene.   When the Tharaoh sorcerer, Ushiel made the Tower of Shoje his home and discovered the sleeping woman within and started using her as a power source. Though she is Ehoshim, her current form is that of an Aalevi woman of 22.   When Rowain Daliesyn claims the Tower of Shoje, after the death of Ushiel, he will discover Eliniela, newly awoken with no memory of her past. He will give her the name Calliothe and she will become like a friend & sister to him. Over time she will slowly regain fragments of her memories.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma



Family Ties

Divine Classification
Current Location
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Seraphien Language
Character Prototype
Liang Jie (Chinese Actress)

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