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Powerful sorcerers run the risk when they cast powerful magic that is a bit more than they can safely handle, of undergoing The Change. This Change involves them getting imprisoned in a glowing golden sphere, almost like a giant egg. This sphere is impervious to both physical and magical attacks. 4-6 weeks later the sphere will dissipate and a transformed sorcerer is revealed. They have little to no memory of their previous selves, and just want to retreat to wild remote places far away from people. When they walk, plant life grow around their feet, then die and fade as they pass. Once they find a remote haven, they start to leak magic and all nearby flora and fauna start to grow faster, get larger and heal quicker. The fauna gets stronger and faster and live longer. These elemental beings live for around 300-700 years, their lifespan depending upon how powerful the original sorcerer was. Only the most powerful sorcerers are able to kill them.   The Vigil would consider them Vainnuri abominations and just leave them be.   To the Tanoine these elementals are known as Feylinn. To the Daurellians they are known as Keres, to the Aurai they are known as Neghami, and to the peoples of Chalcidea, they are known as Ariashem.

Alternative Names
Keres, Ariashem, Neghami
Notable Members

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