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The Aurai are the Ailokan ruling class, and they are Sorcerers. They are also an essential part of the Cammontari government.   Since the Empress (Yakshini) of the Cammontar Empire is always an Ailokan, the Aurai always make sure she is also one of them. The Aurai are the only Sorcerers in the Cammontar Empire, a fact which does make them a bit pompous and arrogant.   The Aurai are led by a matriarch, the Vashiara (Holy Elder) who is nominally of lesser rank than the Empress, but in Ailokan culture, the Vashiara is higher. The Vashiara also functions as a Co-Regent if an Empress (and her betrothed) are minors.

Guild, Mages
Parent Organization
Cammontar Empire
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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