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Shaun Wilson

Shaun Nathan Wilson

Not to be confused with Shaun West (Director of the Institute circa 2287 and biological son of Aubrey Wilson and Nathan West), Shaun Wilson is the genetic clone of Shaun West.   He was created as a ten-year-old boy, both physically and mentally, and originally had a synth implant alongside his normal brain. However, as Shaun West (Father) watched Aubrey Wilson during her time in the Commonwealth, he had the boy's implant removed. As such, the implant no longer regulates his aging, immune and endocrine systems, senses, skill sets, or memories. Everything would now develop and age as would a normal child.   He's the first true clone that the Institute creates, and the last.   Prior to the implant's removal, West had the boy's memories altered so that he truly believed that Aubrey Wilson was his mother and that he was not a clone. As the SRB was preparing to destroy the Institute following a Minuteman takeover, Father placed Shaun in the charge of Courser X6-88 and gave him a holotape with instructions to deliver it to his mother when he next saw her.   During the chaos of the evacuation, Shaun and X6-88 were transported near Starlight Drive-In, who'd seen X6-88 traveling with Aubrey before. Aubrey Wilson, in the company of Colonel Logan Danse and Mayor John Hancock and using Goodneighbor as a staging area for casualty and damage reports, was informed of the development via radio.   She originally thought that Father was the one who escaped the blast, and decided not to investigate at first, simply telling the settlers at Starlight to see to their needs. It was four days after the destruction when she arrived at Starlight Drive-In with Detective Nick Valentine and Colonel Danse.   It was here that X6-88 explained what happened, and Shaun delivered his counterpart's holotape to her. And here is where she officially adopted him, affirming to him that "of course [she's his] mother... what else would [she] be?", and dubbing him Shaun Nathan Wilson, differentiating him from her biological son.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Looks very much like his father, Nathan West, but has his mother's eyes.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cisgendered Male (he/him)


  • Some formal education at Diamond City Schoolhouse
  • Trained in Wasteland survival by various adult figures in his life


Family Ties

  • Shaun West - genetic template donor
  • X6-88 "Essex" - psuedo older brother figure
  • Aubrey Wilson - Adoptive Mother
  • Nick Valentine - Adoptive Father
  • Logan Saul Danse - Adoptive Uncle

Religious Views


Hobbies & Pets

  • Dogmeat - the German Shepard dog that bonded with Aubrey shortly after she left Vault 111.
  • Various alley cats in and around Sanctuary


Shaun Wilson

Son (Vital)

Towards Aubrey Wilson



Aubrey Wilson

Mother (Vital)

Towards Shaun Wilson




He was adopted by her after the destruction of the Institute. She raises him as best she can in the brave new (irradiated) world they live in.

Nicknames & Petnames

  • Aubrey to Shaun - "Kiddo", "Shortstop"
  • Shaun to Aubrey - "Mom"

Current Location
Year of Birth
2285 2 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Created as a genetic clone with the appearance and mentality of a ten-year-old child.
The Institute, Commonwealth Wasteland
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
Sanctuary Hills, Commonwealth Wasteland
Black, styled into a pompadour or unkempt
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Wasteland English (spoken and written) - fluent
  • Wasteland Sign Language - intermediate
Appears in...


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