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Zekiah Criswel

Lord Commander Zekiah Criswel

Zekiah Criswel  is the youngest in the long line of Criswel governors on Zeon's World. Through a cunning display of political backstabbing and subterfuge he fulfilled the centuries-long ambition of the Criswel Dynasty and secured the mantle of Lord Commander of the entire Umbra-Sector. With this, in addition to his ownership of CCI , he became the most powerful baseline human the sector has ever seen. If his reign endures through the Era Indomitus remains yet to be seen.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zekiah was born as the heir of [his dad] in the family estate in the Valley of the Radiant , where he also spend his first years. At a young age he grew accustomed to accompany his father on some of his business trips to Hive Infernum . [his father] nurtured Zekiah's interests and introduced him early to small offices in CCI . These experiences allowed him to already have a consolidated position in the conglomerate when starting to branch out into the political sphere, greatly easing his way towards the governors seat.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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