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Criswel Consolidated Interests

If the governors seat is the political arm of the dynasty, Criswel Consolidated Interests is the commercial one. Similar to the abilities of the political establishment on Zeon's World to reach most aspects of life, CCI can do the same. But without even the smallest bit of public scrutiny they are able to dabble in outright illegal and maybe even heretical enterprises.


The Conglomerate is lead by a board of directors, mainly consisting of the incorporated company's owners. Every decade and on specific occasions they will elect a representative, usually the dynasty's leader. The worth of each directors vote is determined through the value of their respective company. The board will appoint specialised executors and decide on CCI's future actions, although the representative can prolong ratification through veto.


CCI encompasses many different companies, most of them being heavy industry and resource extraction. Their economical output alone accounts for short of a quarter of the planetary tithe. Obviously, when speaking about such riches, it becomes mostly irrelevant to ask: 'What do they own?', as everything on Zeon's World could eventually be encompassed in this, given enough time. The reasons why the CCI doesn't aspire to assume complete control are twofold: Firstly, they could already influence virtually the whole planet through one of them on the governors seat; Secondly, doing so would draw the ire of the Adeptus Arbites, which already are a threat to the absolute Criswel monopoly. The latter becomes ever more important, as CCI tries to expand their operations off-world.


Before the CCI, the Criswel family members entertained their individual commercial enterprises, some more legal than others. But with the ascension into the Houses Major, the dynasty needed to unify their efforts to stay competitive. Thus, Criswel Consolidated Interests was founded, encompassing virtually every kind of industry found on Zeon's World. Contrary to the outward appearance however, the families whose members make up the board of directors are far from harmonious. Those conflicts though will always be kept in private.
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Corporation, Conglomerate
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