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The Great Heathen Army

The Great Heathen Army, also called the Sons of Ormulf, was an invading force of thousands of Danen Vikings that attacked the lands of Kell and Albion in the 4350. They were led by the patriarch of the family, Harald Ormulfson 'the Horrible', and allied to the dragon Gromherjek Kin-Eater.


The Sons of Ormulf were led by the children of the old viking king Ormulf. The main leader was Harald Ormulfson, called The Horrible, and his siblings followed his lead. Harald personally led many of the viking expeditions himself. He was followed by his sister, Olga the Ominous, a seer and cleric that did the religious services for her family. Next was Frode the Frivilous, a terrible spymaster and cunning warrior in his own right. The final of the siblings was Trygve the Torturer, a powerful Wild Mage said to have been blessed by Bghonah himself with evil magical powers. These four siblings all led armies of their own.   Of course, all four of the siblings submitted to Gromherjek the Ancient Green, a dragon of insatiable hunger and power that desires to consume Albion for revenge and to get plunder for himself.


The Great Heathen Army was equipped with weapons, shields, and used great longboats to travel along the many rivers. They packed lightly, grazing the lands of Keller and Albion for their food and goods so they could consume it and take their riches back home. Recently, they have built small fortifications along the Silver River and along the coasts near Mywick.


Harald Ormulfson 'the Horrible', who has led his siblings in a war against all of the people of Albion for the crimes of their deceased High King in executing his father. He desires revenge, and to scourge the lands.
In 4310, the Danen King Ormulf led his sons to raid the monastary at the city of Orwood. What his reason was remains unclear, but the attack at Orwood led much fear to be spread through the lands of Kell and Lisanricia, and soon other Danen forces began to follow suit, taking their ships and raiding the cities within the lands of eastern Eiren.   Evidently, Ormulf one day in that decade attacked the city of Anfeld in Albion. He was captured by High King Oswulf the Longsword and, without trial, was sentenced to being eaten alive in a snake pit. When the news spread back to the Danelands, Oswulf's eldest son Harald sought vengeance for his father's execution. He came to the court of the dragon Gromherjek and plead for help, in exchange for Gromherjek becoming the new ruler of the lands of Albion.   Thus, with thousands of Viking men on their side, Harald and his siblings sailed their viking ships toward the coasts of Miweck and began to destroy the small villages around the area. They soon threatened the city of Miweck, sending an offensive toward the city while Gromherjek began to antagonize the Dwarf King Nordlieften the 15th.


Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Sons of Ormulf, the Great Viking Army
Viking Army
by Goodname Studio
The Sons of Ormulf in the winter of 4349, raiding the lands of Keller, much to the terror of the Kells there.

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