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Royal Charter

A Royal Charter is one of the more common documents found throughout Omath, assigned by a monarch or their representative as a form of Letters Patent as a private act to grant private entities a right or power. They are used to establish significant organizations such as universities, learned societies, settlements, up to and colonies and commonwealths.   The Royal Charters differ from Letters of Patent, Letters of Marque, Grants of Arms, or other similar documents, as each serves a distinct purpose in the various legislative bodies of Omath.


A Royal Charter establishes a private organization with the blessing of the sovereign in whose name it was issued. Charters are often issued by representatives of a monarch, as far removed as a Mayor.   Most commonly, the Royal Charter establishes a private organization such as a University or place of higher learning, a trade route, or settlement. Royal Charters can often function to incorporate colonial missions as well as adventuring or mercenary companies who act on behalf of the monarch.

Document Structure


While the structure and content of a Royal Charter can vary depending on the issuing sovereignty, typical Royal Charters hold the issuing sovereign harmless for the actions of the organization it establishes, instead directing any liability back to the organization itself. Frequently, the established organization pays a due or tax from its profits directly to the issuer; depending on the organization this can be as high as 50% of any net income.

Publication Status

Two copies of a Royal Charter are typically made: one that is to be held by the recipient of the charter, the other to be held by the issuing agent.

Legal status

Royal Charters are often recognized outside of the sovereign territory that issued them, but exceptions do exist (for example: a Kingdom of Nuaira Charter may be recognized as legitimate in the Kingdom of Falcrest, but considered "dulath a'te" ("Not worth the paper it is printed on") to the Magocracy of Ezir.   Any Royal Charter issued by a sovereign nation within the Confederation of Fieren is to be honored by all member nations.
Warrant, Royal

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