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Greybloom Letter

We have sighted the enemy. They are two days ahead of us and we are closing with haste. We anticipate engagement just after sunrise, southwest of Guiryn. We count two triremes and five dhows. The Golden Eagle, Silver Wind, and Acissa's Smile are in line formation and fully stocked for battle. Their triremes are larger, but we are more agile.   Three ships of sixty sailors. We should have good odds, if the winds hold. May the Light be with us.   Dated this 15th day of Greybloom, 1526 Commodore Enrica Falasca, The Eagle's Throne
  The Greybloom Letter (also called the Greybloom 15th Letter of Engagement) was a significant correspondence between Commodore Enrica Falasca of the Crown Navy of Falcrest and the Kingdom of Falcrest during the Emerald War. The battle it announced against the Ezirandi Naval Forces, who had struck a union with the Dunmaerik to fight against Falcrest, proved to be a decisive turning point in the naval theater of the war, forcing the Magocracy of Ezir to withdraw and, ultimately, causing the Dunmaer to lose the war.


To inform the Kingdom of Falcrest of the impending battle against the Ezirandi Naval Forces.
  The Ezirandi Trireme
Report, Military
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