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WORLDEMBER 2023 Preparation/Homework

Week 1: The pledge

This is my first WorldEmber, so i'm not 100% sure how its gonna go. I chose 25k because i am fairly confident that i will be able to reach 10k and wanted to challenge myself. I think (and hope) to be able to reach my goal. I have a couple of articles from Summercamp and from even before that in dire need of rewrites and corrections, so i plan to focus on that at first as part of the preperations before moving on with the new stuff for December.   Here are some of those article, which i feel need rewrites(I may do more):     I plan to rewrite/correct all of those article before december.  

My current worldbuilding goals

Following this(or at the same time probably since my workflow is pure chaos), i'll expand in and around the locations that are already written out, mainly in Arros, which is the most developped continent in my worldbuilding, and also other continents, probably Enask and Mahador. That way, i can write about stuff closer to the main locations of the book series, which i feel like i haven't done nearly enough this year.   Kingdom of Gysia The one location which feels the most urgent is the Kingdom of Gysia, followed by its cities, like Gandasi and Sargassin. It is the main location of the first and parts of the second book that i have planned, so the sooner these places are written about, the better for me.   Kavasian Empire I also want to write about the Kavasian Empire. During Summercamp, i wrote about the City of Vrahlis, which is situated inside the empire, and i feel like i can expand from that and write a proper article about the empire itself and its capital, the City of Kus'Qar.   City of Palynor Another location that i want to get to is the city of City of Palynor and its Magic Academy, which will both become very important locations in my book series later on.   Island of Haiska Lastly, I want to write more about the Island of Haiska and finaly get around to write that article about that super-duper important location:The Ice temple of Haiska.
Here's a list of all possible articles that i might tackle. I dont plan on doing all of them, but at the very least, half.
Physical GeographyPolitical GeographyLocations/CitiesAnimalsOrganisations
The Moon Veos Kingdom of Gysia City of Gandasi The Ajax bird The Shield of Saol
The island of Rhasghul Kingdom of Alvaros City of Sargassin Magic academy of Palynor
Dorroman Mountains Kavasian Empire City of Tareghasi Etherial Temples
Royn river Commonwealth (CKPA)* City of Kus'Qar The Ice temple of Haiska
Dragon Mountains Duchy of Asylia City of Palynor
Tomboraan Plateau Principalities of Ru'mensh
Orom River Kingdom of Paxolia
Alvars Mountains Merchant Republic of Arba
The Fork Confederation of Akara
*CPKA means Commonweath of the kingdom of Paxolia, the kingdom of Kinvalia and the duchy of Asylia

Week 2: Mini-Meta

This week, we were asked to write a mini-meta about our area of focus.


So, most of the worldbulding i want to do will focus on the continants of Arros and Enask. Specificaly, the areas around the Mahadorian sea that separates the two. There are exceptions of course but most articles will focus on those areas and i will try not to deviate too much from that region.

Theme and Mood

The world of Hysal is a grimdark, high fantasy world. For the region specificaly, I think i would describe it as such: In general, things in the region used to be great: Trade was booming, Harvests were plentiful. Merchants, farmers and everyone else were happy. On the surface, nothing seemed particulary wrong, but under the surface, things were simmering. Then the war in Shorai happend, which destabilised the whole region.   Some places were hit harder than others by the war, but its impacts across both continents is undeniable. Tensions has only risen since the war, and while ordinary people try to live their lives in peace, the nobles and bourgeoisie scheme and plot to assassinate each-other or invade each-other's country.   Amongst the population, there is a sentiment of dread about the future. On top of the worries of war, the last summer in the region has not been kind to harvests and the coming winter is said to be one of the coldest in decades. In Gysia and Kavasia specificaly, the people are tired of the uncertain status-quo, and they want change, but dont have the power to enact it. Yet.


The region is based on Europe and the Middle-east. Both regions have fascinating cultures with rich histories spanning thousands of years and the continents of Arros and Enask have both been inspired by those IRL regions and some of the cultures present within them are also inspired by IRL cultures.   For example: Rumalia's geography and politics are inspired by the Russian principalities of the Kievan Rus' as they were before the Mongol invasion. The cultures within them varries, since its a large territory, but they are all inspired by Scandivanian/Northern european and slavic(Russian, Bellarussian and Ukrainian) cultures.

Week 3: Intro Page

This week, we were asked to talk about the introduction page of our world.

Already mage changes

Over the summer, i made a couple changes. Most notably, i greatly condensed the introduction text to about 1/4 of its size. I also recategorised everything to accomodate with the inflow of new articles from Summercamp.

Future Change

However, i feel that i could rewrite and condense/split it a bit to make reading it a bit more compelling. Recategorized every article into new categories. Added categories in preperation for a higher number of articles. The intro will also have a nice banner and theme change soon, as well as a couple call to actions and a nice little world map.

Week 4: Last Minute preperation

This last week, we were asked to describe our last minute preperations before World Anvil.

Things i already have

To be honest, my work space is already well prepared for writting ever since summer camp. I also have numerous playlists of music to help me write. My writting schedule is all over the place, but i generaly write about 2-4 hours per day, though i sometimes either skip a day or write more than 4 hours. It depends on my mood.


unironicaly, one thing i don't have enough off is hot chocolate. Sipping on a hot beverage while worldbuilding feels very cozy, so i am definetly gonna go get some in december for sure.

Novel writting goals

I plan to finish the the document outlining the plot of the first novel in the Chronicles of Hysal series. Im hoping to finish it by the end of the month or in the begining of december at the latest. After that's done, ill see if i can write out the drafs of the prologue and first chapter on here and see how that feels.

Other stuff i might do

If i can get to it, I also want to write out the information contained elsewhere about some of the main characters here on WorldAnvil, so i may drop an article or two about them as well. But for now, that most of what i have planned. Im still writting some artcles that spun out of other Spooktober articles but these are almost done and about to be released. Once they are, ill be able to really begin the preparations.   Hope everyone has a great time worlduilding for the rest of 2023!   P.S: I'm also working on a world map right now. i SHOULD be able to finish it SOONtm-ish


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Nov 7, 2023 08:48 by Elspeth

It's my first WorldEmber too! I'm so impressed that you're pushing for the 25k mark, but it sounds like you've got lots of ideas. Good luck, You've got this! :)

Nov 7, 2023 09:40 by Ephraïm Boateng

Thank you very much! Its a bit stressful but I'm just going to take it one step at a time so i can reach it. I saw that your pledge was 10k words, so i wish you luck to you too! Hope you can make it!

Nov 7, 2023 21:00

Good luck with your goals. You got this!

Nov 7, 2023 21:52 by Ephraïm Boateng

Thank you, you too!