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Golcaï River (GOLKAYEE)

The Golcai river is the largest and longest known river in the world. Situated mainly in Northern Mahador, it flows through the dense tropical forests of the region, acting as an essential trading route between the numerous large cities of the Arakan Confederation built along its shores.


The source of the Golcai river has never been found, yet it it most certaintly located in north-eastern Mahador, within the region known as the "savage green". This region, composed of large hills, steep valley and very dense tropical forests, is largely unexplored.   As it begins its course somewhere in that region, it flows to the south-west for a while. Eventualy, it reaches the Golcai river valley and turns towards the north-west. Here, the terrain is much flatter, which allows the river to slow down. It begins to meandre and widen considerably, reaching many kilometres across in some spots.   The jungles here, while still dense, aren't nearly as dangerous as the ones further east and as a result, humans have built many settlements in this region, mainly along the Golcaï or along one of its many tributaries.   The river continues towards the north-west, all the while continuing to widen, reaching dozens of kilometres across. So wide that it would be imposible for the passengers of boat to see either shores whilst in the middle.   Pass this point, the river enters its final shape, in the form of a massive estuary, which opens itself to the Mahadorian ocean


The Golcai river flows through some of the most biodiverse regions of the worlds. All kinds of plants, fungus, insects and animals live and interact with each other in and around the river. Many, if not most living thing here have adapted fearsome methods of dealing with dangers in order to survive.

Localized Phenomena

The waters of the Golcai river are of a green colour during the day, but during the night, the water glows and emits green or cyan light. This light seems comes from the moss and algae floating in or on top of the water and can be bright enough in some sections of the river to illuminate its banks, particulary where the flow breaks against rocks or fallen trees. This bioluminescence becomes stronger in the presence of either Hoben or Veos.   The floating moss can be scopped up with some water and be placed in a pot, in order to create a lamp, which the Arakans call a k'tah. This K'tah can be shaken in order to activate the glow of the algae and the moss. After being shaken, it will glow for around one hour. After about two weeks, shaking the pot wont do anything and the water will need to be changed.


All along the river, the climate remains the same, thanks to the relatively small changes in lattitude and its position near the equator. Temperatures are best described as suffucating all year round with oppressive humidity warmed up by a very hot sun, which lead to some violent thunderstorms and heavy rains near the end of most days.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna and flora of the golcai river and the surrounding regions is extremly diverse. It is inhabited by a myrriad of different types of plants, like the all too famous Emandine Trees and many different animals, such as the beautiful Ajax but also fearsome beasts, like Occomors or even worse, Wyverns.

Natural Resources

The main resource that outsiders want is Emandine wood, which is both very solid and flexible, making it perfect for shipbuilding. Gold, copper and silver can be found in or around the river while Ajax birds are also captured along the river by the native population and sold to Arrosian merchants.


The banks of the river were settled during the first decades of the Second Age by nomads coming from the east of the continent. Gradualy, settlements grew from small river side villages into impressive  city-states, linked together by the mighty river or by its numerous tributaries that flow all over the region before entering the Golcaï.
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The Green Serpent
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Dec 26, 2023 10:17 by Sailing Ocelot

Ahoy!   I love bioluminescence in worldbuilding, I can see that being quite a beautiful river in some aspects. What do people think of this river? Are they grateful to it, or is it feared because no one knows where the source is? I feel the 'savage green' sounds very interesting. If there are no people living there/settlements, then I'm curious what sinister or savage thing keeps them out!

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Thanks for the comment again! All the questions you asked are going to be answered by an upcoming article on the Savage Green, though i can give you a (Big) hint for that last question: Wyverns. Also, yes, i too am a big fan of bioluminescence, ever since i saw the first Avatar movie like 12 years ago lol

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Wyverns? YES! I already approve :)! Bioluminescence dragons perhaps??

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Perhaps... ;)