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The D'varthi are a short, stocky, hirsute, loud and disagreable species.   They are one of the trans-human species raised from the human genetic code. In their case, it was to create high gravity tolerant people who could be placed on high-grav worlds to more easilly remove the mineral wealth of those planets. They are believed to have been first created back on lost Terra durring humanity's exodus to the stars. Although, no records of those times still exist in the Tantalus system.   D'varthi are very rare on Athys, but much more common throughout the rest of the Tantalus System, especially in places with a significantly higher gravity.

Basic Information


D'varthi are of a standard humanoid configuration, differentiated by their shorter stature, robust skeletal structure and enhanced musculature.

Growth Rate & Stages

D'varthian adolescence is fudamentally similar to humans, with the most notable difference being that a D'varth reach full maturaty around the age of 33.

Ecology and Habitats

D'varthi were designed to thrive in high gravity environments.


D'varth are widely held to be violent and short tempered. In practical observations, these traits vary greatly from individual to individual. More clear from the research is a severe reluctance of a D'varthans psyche to forgive those percieved to have wronged the D'varth or their social groups.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Because of their traditional isolation from others, D'varthi are clannish and family oriented.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

the largest D'varth settlements are on Kadusys, the second planet in the Tantalus system. They are also common amongst the mining operations in the three asteroid belst in the system. Rebellious D'varthi are well represented amongst the pirates operating out of Perathus.

Average Intelligence

While fundamentally equivalent to comparable humans, the D'varth are highly skilled in certain technical fields such as engineering and mechanics

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

D'varthen vision stretches further into the infrared than a baseline human, allowing them to see better in more limited lighting conditions.  They also have a subtle vibrational sense that can help them detect small changes in their environment.  Often helpful as an early alert sense when things go wrong in mining operations, or aboard spaceships.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Among themselves D'varths speak their own language, D'varthan. A harsh, gutteral language that some have described as stone scraping on steel.    All but the most isolated of the D'varth also speak Chant, the common language of the humans on Athys.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens graviens
200 years
Average Height
1.4 meters (4 ft. 7 in.)
Average Weight
86 Kg (190 lbs,)
Average Physique
Because of their genetic modifications, they are stronger, and more resilient than their human progenitors.
Geographic Distribution
D'varthian Scientist by Liam Requiem
D'varthian Engineer by Liam Requiem
D'varthian Miner by Liam Requiem


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