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D'varthan Language

The Dvarthan language is spoken by the D'varthi.  It is almost never heard by non-D'varthi people.  Although you are likely to see D'varthan rune-script on any mechanical device that has been worked on by a D'varthi   A unique feature of the D'varthan language is that it has been implemented as a machine code language amongst the D'varthi.  And whenever a D'varthi engineer gets a chance while working on a device, they will replace any existing machine code with D'varthan rune-script.  This frequently improves the operational quality of the device significantly.   There are those who claim that D'varthan is, in actuality, a quantum language capable of conveying a multitude of meaning in the smallest of phrases. Of the minisculely small number of D'varthi engineers who have deigned to discuss the D'varthan language with outsiders, only the slightest inkling of the greater truths of this language have been discovered

Writing System

The written alphabet of D'varthan can best be described as rune like in style and substance. But in truth, it can more accurately be described as a kind of quantum engaged machine code.

Geographical Distribution

D'varthan is the primary language on the planet Kadusys.  And while it is not uncommon to find D'varthan rune-script scrawled upon random machinery, it is rare to hear D'varthan spoken anywhere outside of D'varthi enclaves.


D'varthan does not use tenses. For example; kine translates to be in common chant.  But it is simultaneously all tenses of be (is, was, will be, am, are, etc.).  And yet the D'varthi never suffer confusion in regards to tense in their comunications.


3 Words.
Common Phrases
"Kine fenr'hei!" (It is done!) - Most conversations, and all documents, end with this phrase. The D'varthi frequently use this phrase to end communications in other languages as well.
Common Female Names
Brulla, Brineth, Bonica, Bwyni, Beryl, Banwyn
Common Male Names
Khandr, Kharl, Khevn, Khenf, Khinik, Khord, Khudrn
Common Unisex Names
Rina, Rafi, Redra, Ronik, Rundra, Ravi, Relik
Common Family Names
Thuli, Osmi, Rhodi, Korbn, Kalim, Berlum, Kadmyn, Rheni, Thali, Thori


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