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The Human Tapestry

184 years in the making by 46 individuals. Each part of it made in a way to suit the period it's set in. A perfect chronological order that stretches over 3 miles. Events put above and below one another to suit location. Countless events, representations of daily life and war and explanations of religion all without a single word of any modern language on the tapestry itself. Since the creation of the original, there have been thousands of copies and condensed versions that have been placed in museums while the original is kept in the London Museum -6th floor.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It's a tapestry. Technology only comes in the latest parts to represent periods where advanced tech has been present.

Manufacturing process

Different parts of the tapestry are attached through combining methods that suit the periods. For example, a time when animal skins were sown together would be sown into a time when glue is used with paper, in which the paper is glued to the animal skin.


Dude bro it's super culturally significant bro dude.
Item type
Current Location
Owning Organization
There's only 1... except for the copies.
900 kg
3.5 meters tall and 3.01 miles long.
Base Price
The thing is easily worth more than the annual GDP of a gigacity.
Raw materials & Components
Animal skins, wools, silks, papers of all kinds, machinery, etc.
Tools were used to suit the periods they represented.

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