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Get In Loser We're Learning Why This Account Ain't Getting Any More Articles

I have forgotten my password and as a result can only access this account using a dingy old potato of a laptop which automatically logs in.

I am currently writing a series of books set amidst humanity's extremely violent, mutually high-casualty first encounter with multi-cellular extra-terrestrial life which mostly focuses around General Aramis and Inyoni, who spoilers about are readily available in their articles. Most of the characters in Characters that don't get their own articles because I don't have money for premium membership or whatever it's called. are also included and get their time in the sun, even if that filthy ginger Egan doesn't fare too well with that UV light.

That said, some of the lore and a lot about the characters has now changed. The most glaring instance of this is Inyoni, who (article on her has been edited) is now a lot more edgy, short tempered and even more cunning than ever before, leading a mercenary company called the Black Dogs Sullied Mercenaries, consisting largely of the members of the mercenary group that raised her, in the name of getting that bread.

Because of all of this, I'm going through everything in this account and screenshoting and copy+pasting everything onto my computer, laptop and for the most prised of my creations also my phone and then letting this account fade into the background or even eventually be deleted by those running World Anvil, although I ask that if they do delete this do actually give me some time to screenshot everything there's way too much here for me to keep this information otherwise and not letting me or anyone else in my shoes keep it is just a giant dick move and I will inform Santa Claus of both your horrific actions and the health benefits of eating human flesh.

Oh and I've made another account with more updated information but it focuses almost solely on the Crashland Invasion the account name is Doctor Jimothy or Docter Jimothy depending on how drunk I was when I made it so if you wanna learn far more in-depth information about the invasion's lore from why the Goner general nicknamed the Khan was pissed off upon hearing about the nickname to the chesticle to bullet-proof-bra ratio of everything between Inyoni's ribs and undershirt* then go there the account is among my follower accounts.

*(warning: this information is not decided as I'm not certain myself. On the one hand I want the NSFW artists to go wild with the vast array of extremely interesting and fucking hot characters that make up Crashland Invasion's cast, speaking of which yeah any NSFW makers and fanfiction writers I not only allow but implore you to get us all sent to Horny Jail, but on the other it'd also be funny to troll all the Inyoni simps with "oh yeah that's just cushioning she put under there cos she doesn't like her ribs breaking every time someone doesn't shoot her in the head despite her very obviously and visibly wearing a bullet-proof vest". Then again NSFW peeps would probably still go wild with Inyoni regardless).

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6 Mar, 2021 14:43

You do realize that you can reset your password or write an email to [email protected] to get access to your account back, right?   And if your browser remembers your password you can probably fish it out of the profile data.