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(Ring) Ring of Malir

Wanna screw with human emotions and thoughts? No? Highly unethical? Violation of human rights when regarding the way this ring does it? Look I'm just trying to get Dave to spill his White Claw all over himself I would never use this for literally all the horrific things it could be used for, and especially none of the good ones.

So, what does it do? Simple: place on your index finger with the spike pointing outwards from your hand, stick the tiny pads that come with it under your ears and then point your ringed finger at those you wish to screw with the emotions of. Say the words in your language of what emotions or thoughts you want the person to feel/think (this can be hummed but the slight bit of sound is necessary to prevent accidental use) and wablamo they're feeling it to the degree and for the duration that you want (those pads under your ears basically read your mind) or thinking it for as long as you want!

And for emotions that's not just the basic 5 from Inside Out I'm talking horniness, confusion, love, hate, orgasms or nothing at all. Anything can be done and using these on people can deliberately for master users and accidentally for everyone else can induce mental disorders, as well as this being the ultimate tool for controlling people.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It basically launches some nanobots made from elements extracted from the air into whoever you're targeting that un-noticeably burrow under the person's skin, go to their brain and do the muckery there. The nanobots are worn down to slight malfunction, after which they switch off, by blood flow. Due to this adding a person to the list of those you can control is not recommended in crowds as you may get the wrong person.

Manufacturing process

4D printers, gravity suspenders, other goodies. Took around 4 months to make once the materials were together.


Item type
Weapon, Other
Current Holder
Owning Organization
There are 4 in existence, all of them in the hands of the CHG.
500 grams
Goes 3mm outward around the wearer's finger and 2cm along. Shifts to suit the wearer.
Base Price
Wow, that number's looking real T H I C C (equivalent to $4 x 10^13)
Raw materials & Components
Oh boy this one's a doozie... lots of tiny bits and materials. Largely composed of titanium.

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