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(Dragon) Lokian Draconi

Sexy sexy creatures indeed.

Basic Information


Basically dragons without the fire breathing. Average in size between elephant and bears but are quite varied here as they never stop growing. 2 legs. 2 wings that have claws half-way along them. Some have feathers, with the amount of featherage varying between them. Huge wings, long tails that have large membranes (often covered in feathers) on either side to add to flight ability. Some have weaponized tail ends, but this appears to be a moderately new mutation. Croco skin that is sometimes colourful.

Biological Traits

Feathers and colouring vary largely, especially for females as they'll become more colourful when ovulating. Males can change the colour of their scales and feathers over the course of several days.

*the difference being that males do it willingly.

Genetics and Reproduction

They breed once every 10 years or so, producing 1-2 chicks each time. If there are 2 chicks then one usually kills the other.

As for the breeding process: female urinates all over the place and scratches things in those locations while making sure to scratch towards her nest, which she's already set up. Multiple males come along and the one that scares off the others (AKA the biggest and most badass) gets to mate with her, with the mating pair sticking together until the chick leaves the nest, while the others have to search for different females... which can be difficult as this species has a male:female ratio of 4:1... which often motivates them to fight to the death over chances to mate. Draconi will not mate if they already have a chick in the nest.

That said females aren't all in breeding mode at the same time, so males are constantly on the look-out for any females who are feeling frisky.

Growth Rate & Stages

Chicks take 30 years to fully become adults but leave the nest and begin mating attempts at around 25. Males rarely survive past this phase as they actively kill one another and females have no problem with ripping a teenage boy's head off if they find him annoying, whereas females will often be straight up given food by males and know to avoid other females.

Ecology and Habitats

The planet of Draconia is the planet they dominate, although many have been found on Planet Loki (it's uncertain if they came from or went to Loki). Lokian draconi are decreasing in number due to a mixture of human badassery and the shifting tectonics of the part of Loki they inhabit shrinking the area of dragon-friendly gravity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous: will eat lots of plants but cannot survive without large amounts of meat as well. Able to withstand most poisons, especially males due to their free-roaming nature necessitating it.

Biological Cycle

They can hibernate at will, which is useful for the fact that they inhabit the entirety of their planet and a large portion of Loki. Aside from that females ovulate once every 10 years and make sure males are aware of it.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Usually solo creatures. Will sometimes team up on especially large and rewarding prey but in these instances there's still no hierarchy beyond the biggest eating first.


*chuckles in dead*

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Military, violent entertainment and delicacies.

Facial characteristics

Facially vary a lot, but males in particular often have feathers or spikes around their heads that make them look bigger, as well as other features that make them more intimidating.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All over Draconia, everywhere in the "dragon lands" of Loki: an area in which the reduced gravity and slightly thicker air is very friendly to the idea of hulking things flying around.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Incredible eyesight and decent smell. Lacking in the hearing department.
Scientific Name
Draco cornu
Descended from dinos that avoided those meteors using Lokian portals... well they didn't do it deliberately but still.
Can live up to 120 years in the wild, but after taking young mortality into account the average falls to 40.
Conservation Status
They get no protections and exist within the LIR. Luckily for the existence of their species, they've got a lot of value to private companies that build up large numbers of them through hormone treatment of the females followed by removal of the unfertilized macro-eggs followed by fertilizing the micro-eggs that are still inside the macro-eggs and can still be fertilized. As for what they're used for... military by the LIR government itself, televised death battles and pricey-ass food for the insanely rich.
Average Height
2.4 meters, 3.6 meters when heads are reared back.
Average Weight
300 kg.
Average Length
7 meters when including the tail.
Average Physique
VERY muscly if you peel back the crocodile like skin and the feathers that are sometimes over it.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Females are often colourful when ovulating to indicate such but this is less common among males, who need to maintain camoflage as they're always hunting. Males can change the colour of their scales and feathers over several days or weeks to impress females but outside of this use it for camoflage.

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