Warp Storms

We looked up at the sky and saw it had taken on hues of red, green and black. Violet lightnings danced between the clouds. Sure sign of Warp Storm. We immediately sought the cover of a stand of trees and bound ourselves with ropes.
It proved well for us as the storm swept over us with a terrible roaring. It was a wind warp - and we were buffeted and beaten as the winds tore branches and leaves from the trees and tossed about things of weight less than a grown man. The tornado was bad enough but this one was a devouring one that drew all the loose things into it and sucked up the air so that it was hard to breathe. Because we were tied to the trees no great ill befell us. If it had been a fire warp or Yokai or Demon warp or a chaos warp we might not have fared so well.
  • Zhysoa of Airu, "Diary of Pilgrimage: The Walkabout and the Demon Crypt"
  • Manifestation

    Warp Storms are violent weather-like events of powerful magical nature. The clouds become red, green and black and frequently have lightnings.
    The Warp itself may manifest anywhere from below the ground to high in the air. Frequently there are tornados. Types of warp storm include:

    • Firestorm: lightnings, pyroclastic fireballs and magical bolts erupt over the area with the power of the mightiest mages and travel upto 100 meters before dissipating and skipping hundreds of hectares.
    • Wind types: They may be a powerful gust of wind blowing things into a warp that deposits them hundreds of hectares away. They may also produce toxic clouds, claustic burning acids, or vacuum clouds that suck things away into the void.
    • Scoops that suck up things from one place and deposit them someplace else: masses of earth and stone, sand, lake or ocean waters, vast chunks of ice or snow or even lava.
    • Gate warps create a passage between places that can last seconds or hours. The gates are always on surfaces. The known gates have been Yokai gates that open to Yokai nests, Demon gates that open to undead and animated skeletons and zombies, and passage gates between mundane locations.
    • Dimension gates: these open into the dimensional fringes of the Mists, the Astral, The Umbral Shadow and mortals, spirits or chimera may pass from one side to the other. while they are open and become trapped when they close.
    • Chaos warps: These are the most dramatic causing physical transformations and mutations of living things - shuffling body parts between species and individuals, transforming terrain from one type to another or changing the material to sand, crystals, ice, metal, mushrooms, flesh in raw meat or as animals rooted as plants and plants that wander freely. Stranger still when the substance of plants or animals is changed to glass, metal, wood or gelatinous substance.
    • Madness warps: these may cause magics to double, triple or grow upto ten times normal, or wipe all magic away for a period of hours or days. Rivers might flow into the sky or drop away into the ground. Terrains may be shuffled or become vapors, or floating islands or lakes or become their other dimension equivalent without permitting actual passage into the wider fringe. Sometimes days may pass or repeat or things decay or age decades or centuries. Occasionally areas become blighted with Corruption. (see Crystal and Corruption )


    Warp storms typically impact an area of only a few tens of meters, maybe upto 30 or 40 meters with the strongest. The worst and strongest storms roll onto the Western shores of the Great Ocean in the far west of the Golam wilds. The Harrowlands also has it's back to the Great Ocean and suffers the more frequent and stronger storms. Past the mountains the storms taper off but may gather over the Inner Sea and pass north, south or east. Many follow the flow from the south and move north along the Far Eastern mountains.

    Metaphysical, Arcane

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    The severity and frequency of Warp Storms in the western wilds past the Golam Provinces is one reason the Empire has not extended past the Warp mountains and left it to the Skinchangers and Beastmen.

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