Guild Palace of Airu

Airu. What a place. Anything goes if you have connections and the money. Don't anger the guild, pay the fees and keep your head down. The Guild Palace is threat and promise - center of crime, punishment and career advancement. The Bosses oversee everything, send out informers and enforcers, invite in the trouble-makers and debtors or sometimes family that provide some leverage.
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The city of Airu became independent several centuries ago. The Thieves guild gradually took over the governance and administration of the city. Here, all residents are equal before the guild- though some are more equal than others due to wealth or guild association (which also makes the purse heavier).  The Guild Palace is both a center of law, crime, and punishment or persuasion.

Purpose / Function

The thieves guild hall and treasury is where the bosses lay out the plans and management of the city.  It is also where violators are brought for 'discussion".  Some are given  time to rest and contemplate their choices in the cool dark cells under the guild hall. Some never come out again.


The Palace has grown over the centuries.  From once being a nondescript building, it kept expanding as the guild took over  civic functions.


The Palace is behind an iron fence. The grounds are landscaped and tended gardens with winding trails and hidden alcoves. It is laid out so that going in, you can't see what is where - but from inside or on the roof, all is visible. On the north side they keep the "Hanging Garden" - a series of cages where violators of the rules and debtors will be put on display for a week or two.
  The building itself is stone and wood, partially in style of a castle keep with an impressive entry arch gate, flaring tile roof side wings and on several levels, crenelated towers and walkways and glass windows.
The main lobby has desks with helpful officials to direct you to the correct room for your issues - payments, permits and tags, reporting and informing, jobs and vendetta. Special cells in the basement. Most enforcers come to you. Some bring you back to the palace for an interview with the bosses or for thinking time in the cells or the Hanging Garden.  
Inside floors are offices and quarters for various officials, guards and servants.  The best courtesans and concubines, the finest chefs, musicians and followers/ loyalists attend to the officers and officials in their chambers and in "pads" where they have parties and entertainments. It is said that they have a gallery of famed items stolen from around Eseret and the Empire.
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