The Esereti have tan to red skin, brown to red hair, Dark eyes brown to hazel. They are the people of the eastern shores. Most other Imperials consider them a bit fanciful as the Esereti do not keep slaves and any escaped slave that stays for a year and a day uncollected or claimed in Eseret is considered free but low class Hynin status. The Esereti are troubled by Bandits, raiders of the Taurien (Centaur or Minotaur), The Catmen called Bahku, some demons and High Fae and monsters.   Eseret is the last region conquered. It spent several centuries as a separate tributary group of states until several joined the Dwarven Rebellion in the Yellow Emperor's 65th year. The Dwarves held out for decades into the Yellow Empresses' rule, while the empire swallowed up the free kingdoms breaking the local monarchs by making each House directly responsible for their domain under the Empire without reference to old Clan hierarchy.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Nobles are Boo-ke and considered the only real Clans or houses: They have a Patron Dragon ( the houses have flower names. Tree flowers for Metal Dragon Houses). Budoka half clans take Tree names. Hynin are typically just occupation. And last are UnJor (beneath the law). White Dragon houses: perceived as Aloof, wise, inscrutable. Iris, Lilly, Lotus Green Dragon Houses; Tulip, crocus, Dafodill. Blue: Thoughtful, Pansy, Chrysanthemum, Orchid Red: Martial and argumentative Rose, Poppy, Begonia Black: Cunning ready to take an advantage or opportunity. Dahlia, thistle, Hellbore The metal Dragons: Gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, tin, mercury


Shared customary codes and values

The Esereti also have a practice of pilgrimage “walkabout” or travels where people of different class may mingle or form associations during the travel and help the local people with problems or needs.

Art & Architecture

Esereti architecture is wood frame with clay/ adobe walls and frequently tile or mosaics. They are considered excellent in these arts. Inner partitions may be paper screens in wood frames.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Travelers make offerings to Ryujin at small shrines along roads. The Noble House Clans are designated by their Dragon Patrons and a color or metal. The individual Houses are primarily blooms and flowers in the Five Great Houses and blooming tree and shrub flowers in the Metal Clans. The Gentry class take tree names and icons without the flowers.

Common Myths and Legends

They revere Dragons and believe Ryujin dragons observe and collect stories of wonder and achievement to feed to spirits to create more wonder. Dragons rule the Seasons and Elements. Primordial Dragons are worshiped. The Emperor and empire are a Phoenix and given a place commanding the Dragons.

Articles under Eseret

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