Esereti Walkabout

It is a tradition of the Esereti to set aside professions and house duty to wander for a period of time in youth, at maturity and when aged. It is a meditation to the Ryuujin. To appreciate the wonder of the world and share in it. To create stories and generate more wonder. Regular status is not gone but less significant as commoners mix with nobles on the road. Those on walkabout are on a sacred duty to lend aid and solve problems. They wear the Dragon headband painted, woven or embroidered with dragons.

Cover image: by mutterwolf


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15 Dec, 2020 00:39

This is a really nice tradition. I guess it helps the young people mature before they come back to settle into their chosen profession. :)

15 Dec, 2020 02:49

It is the premise of the japanese RPG Ryuutama and Numenera, and I liked the idea.