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Small wizened brown furred creatures with large expressive eyes, small flat noses and narrow lipped small mouths. Their hands are over large for their body. Ears are small and rounded. Feet are usually large and bare with prehensile toes. They like craft and industry and civilized comforts and will frequently take up residence in homes, shops and smithies. Brownies watch what other creatures do and will copy or finish started projects in silence and at double or triple speed, which they consider offerings. Brownies stand 28-36 cm (1 ft to about 15 inches tall)

Basic Information


The rounded head is covered in short brown fur except the wrinkly face which is dominated by large eyes that have golden or yellow iris and take up about 1/3 of the head. The nose is small and flat and the small mouth has narrow lips. The there are large fang teeth and the mouth can open to about the size of the head. Ears are round and furred high on the head. The hands and feet are hairless and also wrinkled leathery tan with heavy callus and long digits. They are virtually interchangeable. Nails are white crescents. They have tiny nubbin tails that are barely noticeable even when naked. The chest is barrel shaped and hips are narrow. They have no nipples, no genitals and no anus.

Biological Traits

Brownies may eat small stones or gems to aid digestion. They sometimes regurgiate these with bits of bone or other undigested items.
Brownies like to think that they are plain, simple and practical creatures.  They like plain and simple clothes (or none), or cast offs. They like made (but plain) foods.  They dislike  spicy foods and rich rare or expensive ingredients.

They will sparkle with a golden Dust shed like Fairy when working their magic abilities.

Brownie Magics:

Tinker: Brownies may improve any made thing to better quality in just one round with Essence expended. Or may make a thing function as if under use - turning locks or running a mill. Tinker may be combined with Speed to make weaving or milling happen at twice normal rate.
Speed: when activated a Brownie on a making or crafting can work at double normal human speed. They can double this again if they need or want to with another use of the ability. They may also use Speed for double move and 4 attacks in a combat if they must. They would rather run away than fight. A wounded Brownie may transform into a Boggart.
Silence: The Brownies are sensitive to sounds and will produce a sphere 4 meters to each side from the Brownie or a stationary point that damps all sound for 10 minutes per rank of Brownie.
Blessing: The Brownie may bestow a blessing bonus upto equal to it's rank to a thing made. If well treated and respected they will frequently make +1 on rolls items. Rarely or for special occasions will higher blessings be made and ONLY as gifts or offerings. Demanding or asking will be rejected. THIS IS A GIFT of the Brownie in return for appreciation.
Moonlight: Once a year Brownies may draw an Aetherium of solidified Moonlight that looks something between ivory and silver. Only a Brownie can change the color with 44lb (20kg) of dyes or coloring material. It is magical and they make things from this. Items are merged with something that gives the thing it's power or purpose. A vibrating blade containing the racing heart of a mouse or humming bird. A super sharp blade with cheese or water in the hilt that must be changed daily. Armor with dragon scale in it. An Orb or sphere with a living sapient brain inside that answers questions or knows lore or can cast a spell. Clothes like marble or white jade that brush away dirt. Bonuses based on Rank of Casting Brownie. They will only do this when bargained with for the specific item and required the focus and honey =100x the weight of the item made or sweet grass x1000, or refined sugar x50. Brownies will do this for Fairy or for those they have long association with. They don't work for strangers. If tricked or lied to they will revert to a Boggart.

Genetics and Reproduction

Brownies are mostly solitary with strong territoriality for their homes.  They also sense perhaps by smell or some magical sense, the presence of other Brownies within several hundred feet. They can tell related from foreign ones.  Once a year Brownies will be compelled to breed.  If an unrelated Brownie is within a few miles they will take a food item from their home and leave it at the home of the subject of their interest.  If it is acceptable a made item will be left at the home of the gifter.  The next night the Brownies will meet and merge. 1d6 small half sized brownies will be produced and the adults re-emerge slightly smaller.  The adults return to their homes and the small ones scamper off to find places of their own.

Growth Rate & Stages

Brownies reach full size within a week after birth.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Brownies are omnivores with a preference for cooked and prepared items.  They love making.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Brownies see perfectly in darkness. Their hearing is sharp. They can speak any language after listening for a day, but they rarely speak. Even when they do talk they prefer monosylabic, one word, brief answers or questions.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Brownies identify by their home.  "Smith", "Baker", "Weaver". They change names if they change homes.

Common Dress Code

Brownies wear only cast off or found clothes or none.  It is grave insult to give or offer clothes and will cause a Brownie to move away, or become a Boggart if the clothing offer was particularly offensive (such as brightly colored items).  Brownies will take a small amount of food but generally prefer offerings.  Tainted offerings will produce a Boggart.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Brownies are considered lucky Lares or house spirits.  They make offerings in exchange for dwelling in houses where crafting and making occurs. They are fascinated by making things. It is good form to offer foods like pies, cheese, breads and other made and formed foods.  Raw or unprocessed is an insult. Tainted or poisoned is a grave insult. Things the Brownie make or offers should be appreciated and not expected or demanded. Taking them for granted angers them. Breaking things makes Brownies mad.

Common Taboos

Don't make a Brownie mad.  You will not like them when they get angry.

An angry Browny will transform into a Boggart.  These are malicious spirits that are in many ways the opposite of the Brownie or represent pent up rage. A wounded Brownie has 10% per point wound of transforming. Harming a Brownie's homeowner may cause it to transform.  Insulted or offended may transform.  The eyes become violet, the fangs show and the mouth hangs open half way down the chest. The hands and feet grow long dagger claws ( each equal to dagger damage, magical). The tongue is long and like a grinding stone. 

The Boggart powers:

  Break: Any made thing up to human size, that touches or is touched by the Boggart in the next round will break and become useless if it fails a roll at a penalty of the Brownie's rank. Magic devices roll at bonus equal to enchantment.
Speed:  The Boggart moves at double speed for the scene. Double move, 4 attacks. it may do this again for triple speed for 1 round per rank within a scene.
Silence: a sphere 4 m per side around the Boggart or around a fixed point for 1 scene.
Curse: places a roll penalty equal to Rank on a touched item or person for 1 scene.  A Boggart may Curse a thing made by a Brownie that will stay on the item until a remove curse is cast upon it.
Moonlight Hell: anyone killed by a Boggart may have their mind and consciousness placed into a Moonlight vial. That vial may be used in making a Moonlight item where the mind is the slave of the item and must obey commands within their ability.  They do not die unless the item is destroyed. The mind may not be raised, resurrected or reincarnated until the item is destroyed. They do not improve in skills or abilities but may learn facts and lore.

Common Myths and Legends

Striking bells are said to drive out Brownies or Boggarts. (But they LIKE smithies.....)

A Brownie may be told to leave.

Leaving out an offering by the door will be an invitation to a Brownie.

Coaxing Fairy to live in your garden or yard will help gain a Brownie.

Brownies have a secret name. If you learn that name you can ask a service of them ONCE. They must comply upon their secret name.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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