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Astral Dragon

"Can't believe they've got us chasing fairy tales."
— Captain Arien Evan, aboard the Burning Viper

A common tale told among the Glemsi within Yalha, the Astral Dragon is supposedly the Spirit of a Voidwalker dragon.

Astral Wails

The rumors began when Astral Sailors heard ghostly wailing echoing across the sea, but it did not have the effects of a siren song or banshee wail. Instead, many sailors found themselves drawn to the sorrowful cry, compelled to help ease the creature's pain. Supposedly, they saw a draconic silhouette cross the fog, but were unable to get a good look.

The sailors affected by the cry were restrained and temporarily kept below deck, as they were ready to mutiny in order to "save" the creature. The captain, however, remained unaffected and ordered the ship to leave the area. No one is entirely sure why only a portion of the sailors were charmed by the wail, and attempts to uncover any notable differences between those affected and unaffected have come up empty.

Wild Rumors

The presence of a possible dragon in a remote, uncharted section of the Astral Sea has resulted in a wild variety of tales and stories cropping up to explain the sailors' encounter. The most common one is that, somewhere within Chardovil, a Voidwalker dragon lurks, and the mournful wails are the direct result of that dragon's soul being lost and longing to return home.

There is also much debate about whether the Astral Dragon should be helped, and if helping it would even amount to anything. However, the Silver Sights Travel Co. has put a ban on all travel to the area where the encounter occurred, only sending warships on occasion to monitor the area and ensure the creature has not moved.
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