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"You're full of shite! There haven't been dragons since the Cataclysm!"
"Just because you're too dense to know when you see one, doesn't mean they're extinct."
— A pair of bickering, drunken adventurers

Dragons are one of the most widely recongized creatures by name. While few have had to (mis)fortune

Dragons of Chardovil

Types of Dragons

No true expert in Chardovilian dragons believes that all types of dragons have been cataloged.

Prismatic Dragons

Historical accounts of prismatic dragons paint them as largely aggresssive, vain, and greedy. Opportunities to speak with them have largely been met with a quick demise, and as such, information on them is extremely limited.

Metallic Dragons

Metallic dragons are documented shapeshifters, largely motivated by curiosity and preserving their memories, their hordes reflective of this. They often have small, abandoned trinkets and unclaimed relics that they find appealing.

Gemstone Dragons

Falling somewhere between the aggression of the prismatic dragons and the curiosity of the metallic dragons, gemstone dragons are the most varied in personality and motivation. Some, such as amethyst dragons, can supposedly bend the laws of physics with their psyonic powers and wonder about other worlds. Others, like topaz dragons, have a similar ego to prismatic dragons, but with a measure of unpredictability that can be especially dangerous.

Astral Dragon

There is a theory, backed by a slim amount of evidence, that an Astral Dragon prowls the most remote areas of the Astral Sea. The Silver Sights Travel Co. has sent warships to investigate, however their efforts have proven unfruitful.

Known Dragons

Unnamed Young White Dragon. Spotted within the Moonari Ice Field Pre-Cataclysm, no one is entirely sure what happened to it when disaster struck.

Unnamed Adult Gold Dragon. Rumored to have a lair to the west of the Ashijani town of Ulrin, it hasn't appeared to pose a threat, and common theories among researchers is that it sealed its lair during The Cataclysm and went into hibernation.

Valarithauntyrix. A moonstone dragon with portals to her lair scattered across continents and planes. Rumors abound of Altraxian people having witnessed her flying overhead, and one who claims to have met her.
Old Painting of a Dragon by Craiyon
1200 yrs.
Average Height
9 ft.
Average Weight
2700 lbs.
Average Length
33 ft.
Geographic Distribution
Related Myths

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