Calamity Bats

There are bats, fruit bats, and then there are the flying terrors known as Calamity bats. These brown-black furred creatures are the giant predatory cousins to their normal counterparts. Impressive monsters with a wingspan of nine feet, they are a constant threat to the local inhabitants across the world of Netherwarren.
Such a broad wingspan grants Calamity Bats long distance flight and impressive aerial agility. It’s more than enough agility to navigate the thick cypress swamps or ancient ruins found throughout Netherwarren’s misty terrain.
Calamity bats fly in small swarms of ten to fifteen at a time, hunting for prey. Their usual diet comprises swamp wasps, snakes, and locals unfortunate to be caught outside when a swarm appears. A swarm will dart through the trees using black, razor-sharp claws and teeth to latch onto prey and tear through its hide. Once their hunger is sated, all they leave behind are dried husks of corpses. Dead victims drained of any fluid through a Calamity Bat’s leech-like purple tongue with its ring of tiny, yellow serrated teeth at the tip.
But the benefits of their great wingspan don’t extend to speed. They are still bat-shaped and so not streamlined for high-speed dives like a falcon. To compensate, Calamity bats have developed a powerful, high-pitched scream. This powerful sonic attack can distort the air, crack wood, and stun any creature caught in the swarm’s path. Also, even though their yellow eyes are no stronger than an average bat, their hearing is sharp enough to hear heartbeats up to a mile away.
Calamity bats are often found in the damp, dark underground caves and abandoned buildings that make up much of Netherwarren. Their abilities and swarm hunting tactics make them a lethal threat to adventurers and Netherwarren locals alike.
Calamity Bats by JJ Kirby
Flying mammal
Swamps, ruins, dark caves or caverns
Up to 40 years
Average Weight
3 - 5 lbs (1.36 kg -2.267 kg)
Average Length
Wingspan up to 9 feet (2.74 m), body length up to 20 inches (0.5 m)
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Lost Knowledge by CB Ash (using Krita)


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