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Chaotic Potential

9/28/2022 BHL ( Before HogLoki )

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It was the year 2022, by Terran reckoning, when the multiverse was murdered.
The Lord of Avarice, Hogloki, hungry for power and the Chaotic Potential found in all Terrans, tried to force open the crystal doorway to Earth. Instead, he unleashed cosmic destruction. The great Evertree of the galaxy shattered. Cosmic power ran unchecked. Civilizations collapsed, as nature battered them to ruin.
Now, five hundred years later, the multiverse is reborn. Across the Voidrealms, new creatures, new civilizations rise from the ashes of the old. Worlds merge as ancient dimensional barriers fall and mystical portals open. There are new possibilities, and lethal dangers, around old corners.
Corrupt wizards, mad alchemists greedy for power, run unchecked across worlds filled with super-science and sorcery.
But you can break your bonds. Gather companions and make a stand. Make a choice. Do you stand for unchecked greed and corruption? Or do you have a lust for justice?
What is your Chaotic Potential?