Maestro's Garmente Flamboyante

The garment is made of the most delicate satin and silk to flow around the body and acquired from the southern regions of Golarion.
Akimotos, Maestro, Strange Magic (BooK) by Bradley Crouch
This particular garment set is worn by Akimotos.
Mamoa silk shirt (Trust in the Jassoon Mamoa butterflies)
Mamoa butterflies from the Jassoon island produce small cocoons, and every species has specific colors. The amount per cocoon is minimal, and therefore it will take a lot of time to gather enough for clothing. The colors are intense, bright, and do not fade over time. Pulling strands into long wires takes strength and precision. As the strands become long, they become more robust, and when knitted, weaved, and spun together, they will become usable patches, capable of withstanding stabbing and tearing. The chanting monks make the maestro's garment, adding the secret power of their chanting to the patches. The chants add raw magic, and the (druidic) seamster or seamstress determines the exact properties.
(AC+2 / 100% defense against stabbing/piercing/slashing)
Protective Bolero. (Sarenrae's Song)
Shaped batwing bone to the wearer's physique, made whole with red-ringed snake leather, satin, and hardened coral color algae. A back protector made from the small but highly dense batwing bone is incorporated, protecting the wearer's spine and adds durability and balance to travelers wearing a backpack. Its shape forms to the wearer within limits and protects against blows. It goes over the shirt. The front can change into any color with a touch of magic. (thanks to the coral color algae). The sleeves are short and only intended as shoulder protection. A cleric made the Bolero at the Temple of Serenrae in exchange for a song praising Sarenrae. Magical properties involve health and durability bestowed upon by the cleric in the name of the goddess. Shorten sleep with 50% or one entire rest every two days.
Hat (Miss Purlipep Pirplehats Dragon Goat wool)
This common-looking hat is a piece of art. The exclusive and personal design made by Purlipep Pirplehat is exquisite. Made of wool shaven from miss Purlipeps familiar, a dragon goat, the hat protects the wearer against the cold and warm environments. It also makes you look smarter.
Feather (Phoenix Dragon)
Only a few well-versed travelers or scholars will be able to recognize the bright feather as the head or crown feather of the Phoenix Dragon. One can only retrieve this feather as a token of appreciation, and it must be voluntarily given by said Phoenix Dragon. Akimotos asked Anostiro Sirian d'Esparion, artisan and renowned sword lord, to add the feather to Purlipeps magnificent hat.
(WIS+5/DEX+5 + feather fall)
Monocle (Gods Eye)
The monocle, with magical properties, is a gift from a gnome named Bleewick, a genius master engineer, and Magister Dimitris, master gem cutter and polisher. The wearer will see all the different kinds of magic in their proper form. It has a few more instant usable spells as cantrips, like read any language, including magic ones or cyphered ones. Detect poison, determine good or evil intent, dark vision, the path of the guiding light. Up to level 14 traps and triggered or readied spells. (can be improved)
Belt (Belk's Honor)
An unbreakable belt. It's extractable from a golden canister of holding. The length is up to 1000 feet. When you use the canister to cut the belt with the lid, it will be back inside the canister at the user's will. The rope is a gift from Belk for saving his life and is made of yeti's hair. The belt will not come out if the wearer is dishonorable (against Belks code of Honor). Regaining honor is the only way to get the belt back. Every time this happens, the rope will be 100 feet shorter. (permanent)
Pants (Pristine Pants of Performance)
Tight-fitted pants that always make you look good. Feel clean and ready for a performance. Eelskin. The art of making eelskin wearable leather is a well-kept secret. They are a gift from Sir Dordolio's School of Rare Magical Music Notes and Bards Playing the Lute, for taking the time to teach the arts of writing music. All that Akimotos knows is that Dordolio seems to have a relationship with an aquatic.
(performance+10, prestidigitation?)
Elven Shoes
You will never feel lonely with those two. Earned by performing a elven song to the Council of Elves in Absalom.) they are made of soft leather. They have an uncanny ability to keep balance and can talk. They also are very alert and down to earth.
(balance+3, endurance)
Gambeson. (Coat of Icarus Messenger of Mount Olympus)
This part is made of flamewrithe. A material from another world. It flows like silk, is as sturdy as a leather gambeson and is clearly made to withstand elements. It has no magical properties but it somehow makes you more aware of your surroundings. It is very lightweight and has pockets that do not add weight when filled. It allows the wearer to ride any capable animal for as long as the animal can run or fly)
(perception+3, AC+4, speed +10, call known animal)
  multiple items as one item
The current setup is one item for the contest, but i will split the items in their own specific item parts. then the item parts will be connected to this specific maestro outfit.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

travel the world, make friends, perform and one day...


Wearing this as a whole makes you travel fast, and perform better. It's a good fit for any bard.
The garment consists of:
Hat (adorned with a feather)
undershirt (short/no sleeves)
shirt (long sleeves)
bolero (short sleeves)
gambeson (this is a long model)

the gambeson can be replaced by
cloak (Long) / cape (short)
additional garment:
facial protective cover. (currently not worn)
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
unique as a set
The image is created to illustrate bradley couch's book "Strange Magic"
He is drawn by him and designed by me. I am entitled to have the image as part of the kickstarter fullfillment.
(In the book is a slightly different Maestro which is the final version) i have the black and white version and colorised it myself.

Cover image: Sarenrae's eyes by Akimotos


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Jun, 2021 13:45

Woaaa! This is indeed flamboyant! Great illustration and nice article :D   I like all the manufacturing and property details you have for each item :D   You haven't mentioned why he has chosen to be so flamboyant - if this is a conscious choice rather than him just taking the items he was gifted with?

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Eternal Sage Akimotos
Akimotos Elvenshoes
5 Jun, 2021 17:27

Thanks :) the why for flamboyancy is more part of the article about the wearer., but in short: he is a bard and wants to stand out. His gifts are given by people who I played a 7+ year Play-By-Post campaign with long ago. This is my way of honoring them. ("yes Bleewick... i still remember you")

Akimotos ElvenShoes, worldbuilding on Maöbrah a medieval high fantasy world.
Reading Challenge article
Bard Challenge article
5 Jun, 2021 13:49

This is a very cool outfit! I love how many different uses each part adds to the outfit. With silk that protects against stabbing it must be quite funny to see an attacker be perplexed as to why it did not go through :)   "miss Purlipeps familiar, a dragon goat", very curious what a dragon goat looks like now :p   The monocle with ability to read so many languages must be quite useful as well. This outfit does feel like it uses the best things magic can get. The image of the outfit is pretty nice as well. :)

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Eternal Sage Akimotos
Akimotos Elvenshoes
5 Jun, 2021 17:32

Miss Purlipep Pirplehat... yeah one of my favorites. Has a problem with the word purple. Her first hat was a purple hat. Hence she is known as the girl with the purple hat. (or as she says "Pirple" hat. She's quite a character. You will be hearing about her and her adventures. She will tell you about the Dragon Goat.

Akimotos ElvenShoes, worldbuilding on Maöbrah a medieval high fantasy world.
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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 17:56

Elven Shoes!!!   Great work overall here. I really love how you've broken everything down and explained the ensemble piece by piece.

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Eternal Sage Akimotos
Akimotos Elvenshoes
26 Jun, 2021 21:50

yes :-) Elven Shoes I have played Akimotos in several TT adventures. and in the years he collected his gear. I had great fun with him. (and several of the other characters) I guess I need to write their stories too. thanks for visiting!

Akimotos ElvenShoes, worldbuilding on Maöbrah a medieval high fantasy world.
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