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The Ladies' Ride

In commemoration of the death of the third Duke's daughter (see The Legend of Carron's Daughter ) any daughters of the current and past Dukes of Mor ride out of Morton at dawn on midsummer's day dressed in armour and carrying lances.
Over the years, daughters of the current and past dukes who are unable to attend due to excessive distance have been known to enact it where they reside, however local customs and norms often limit these enactments.


Although the origins of the Ride are clear it is less clear when the Ride first happened or how it became an established part of life in the Moran Duchy. It was noted in the Annals of the Duchy indicating that it was established by the mid 220's but beyond this is speculation.
  Although the Ride proper is a key part of the Duchy's social and ritual life conducted at Morton, it is not uncommon for it to be enacted by villages or households across the Kingdom of Mor , the Moran Duchy and the Little Kingdoms (org). Especially in the Kingdom of Mor , these tend to be re-enactments of the whole legend rather than just the dawn ride.


The ride is carried out by the daughters of the current and previous dukes. Whilst is is acknowledged that they will not all be able to be present many of them over the years have made great efforts to attend and participate. In the event that there is no daughter available, the ride is carried out by the senior female member of the Ducal family on hand.
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