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Annals of the Duchy

Part 1 - History up to the Compilation of the Annals
Annals of the Duchy - Introduction Overview
Annals of the Duchy - Chapter 1 Before the Migration
Chapter 2 - Before Cadric becomes Duke
Chapter 3 - Establishing the Duchy: Cadric to Cadric II
Chapter 4 - Growing the Duchy: Cadman to Carric
Chapter 5 - Reforming the Duchy: Carric's reforms
Chapter 6 - To the Present
Part 2 - The ongoing Annals


The Annals of the Duchy was compiled to represent the early history of the Duchy. As there was no literary tradition in the area until around 200 much of the first century's history is vague and detail is limited. The author had clearly made extensive efforts to seek out information and the core parts (where no disagreement was found) are larded with footnotes of details which were conflicting or so infrequently related that they were considered doubtful.

Document Structure

Publication Status

A number of copies exist both inside the Duchy and outside. The "official" copy is the one held in the Duke's Scribehall where it is updated as a chronical; other copies will have been made from it, complete to the time of production, or copied from other copies. "Unofficial" copies may have been added to with more recent events which creates the potential for confusion. The normal form is for the scribe transcribing the text to complete with the paragraph "I [scribe's name] have produced a true copy of the Annals using the text of [owner of the exemplar]". The Duke's Scribehall maintains the master copy and the public copy which is publicly accessible. They are claimed to be identical but rumours persist that the master includes additional detail on some sensitive subjects.

Historical Details


Part 1, compiled by Uthvar the scribe in the early third century, makes up around half of the first volume. It was then added to by subsequent scribes to form an ongoing chronicle of the Duchy. This original volume was filled by the year 400 and subsequent volumes have since joined it. These remain separately bound.
Development of the Moran Duchy
Manuscript, Historical

Articles under Annals of the Duchy


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