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The Monkin are, so far as scholars of such things are aware, the first sentient people of Tarusia. Whether they are a single species with clearly distinct races or whether they are actually several closely related species is a matter of little import. For practical purposes we will consider the two main groups to be separate species for there seems to be no interbreeding and few, if any intermediate individuals despite the close proximity of their populations on a local and regional level.   In summary, the Monkin-doo tend to live deep underground with metalwork as a speciality and seldom encountered above ground; the Monkin-ban live much closer to the surface and have an aptitude for agriculture. Groups of the two species are often found together, in what might be thought of as a symbiotic relationship but which often sees one species subjugating the other. Whether this is historically typical or the result of their populations coming under pressure from the arrival of the Taru humans some millenia ago is a matter of speculation.   The Monkin-doo are typically shorter and stockier than the Monkin-ban but the easiest way to tell the two apart is that the former, even from childhood, are bearded while the latter seldom grow significant facial hair.   Both species are found in the hilly and mountainous regions of Tarusia though there are some Monkin-ban populations still to be found in the Tambic Rides and the forests of Morroth. Even in these areas they are outnumbered by humans and a long history of conflict with the Taru has made them wary of contact with them, though this has started to change in the Moran Mountains following the near complete destruction of the Taru there by the arriving Morivans some centuries ago.
Genetic Descendants
Average Height
Typically 3 to 4 feet (say a metre and a bit) tall
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