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Firestone is a rock found beneath the hilly or mountainous parts of both Tarusia and Marivar. The in the former it is typically black in appearance, in the latter it is more normally a dark brown. There is some debate amongst the learned as to whether they are one type of rock or stone, but as the properties seem to vary along a continuous spectrum the generally held belief is that it is one substance that is found in different qualities. Geologist may debate such matters, the common folk care not; they know that it burns.


Material Characteristics

Firestone is a dark brown to blackish rock, typically of a shiny appearance.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It burns withe a good flame, though the browner varieties tend to be rather smokey, and good heat but a rather objectionable odour (even when not smoking).

Geology & Geography

It is found around mountain ranges, with strata coming to the surface in the foothills and sloping down away from the mountains. How far these deposits run and how deep they go beneath the ground is secret that the Monkin-doo (if even they know the answer) keep silent on.

Origin & Source

What is the origin of any rock. This is a matter of philosophy and religion as much as it is of knowledgeable study but it is beyond doubt that some pieces carry the impression or appearance of leaves, fragments of trees and even strange animals. Creatures that live in the depths of the earth are a common legend in both continents where firestone is found and such remains only strengthen belief in these strange subterranean beings which circumstance has brought to our attention because the darkness they were in was so deep as to become solid.

History & Usage


Firestone was used in Marivar in the days of the Empire, most notably at Bilverton where it was used in the production of the dyes than made the town both famous and infamous. The deposits there have not been much worked in the intervening centuries. But a few of the migrants from the Empire to Tarusia had some knowledge of firestone and recognised the similarity to some of the rocks found in Tarusia. They were unable to replicate the dyes for want of Bilverite, but were able to use it as an alternative to wood for heating.
This use had been independently discovered by the Monkin-doo, who had used in to fire their forges without the need to venture above ground to fell trees in the areas where it occurred.
In the last two centuries there has been an increasing trade between the Mor and the Monkin-doo in firestone, especially in the Moran Duchy, where the supply of timber has not been as good as in many other areas.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The development of the trade in Firestone has had a marked impact on a number of Monkin-doo clans whose mines yielded little in the way of tradeable resources. Their culture has begun to shift over the last century or so to regard firestone in the same way as many of their cousins regard metal ores. These groups will often reserve the darkest of firestone for carving for it takes fine detail and a polish very well and in the poor lighting of a mine can make for some strangely powerful effects.

Industrial Use

The main use of firestone is in heating - it is little used domestically, but is increasingly widely used in the Moran Duchy for the smelting of metals and the firing of pottery.


Leaving aside the question of the hazards of mining - rockfalls, flooding etc and the unspecified terrors that may or may not lurk in the depths of the world, the greatest hazard of firestone is its most useful property: it burns. It can also smoulder for years is ignited underground a deprived of a good air source - a number of Monkin-doo mines have been destroyed by this; more "colourful" conflagrations can occur during transport or in storage. Now that it is seeing increased use in Morton it is clear that the controlled use of it brings other hazards: even the best quality firestone will taint any food cooked over open flames and the smoke and ash are now becoming gradually associated with a number of occupational illnesses, mainly breathing complaints.


Trade & Market

The main market for Firestone is on The Strand and Morton . Barges from morton travel to the headwaters of the Durran to buy it from the Monkin-doo mines in the hills between Harborough and Castron.


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