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One of the major continents of Challaria, Tarusia is notable for it's two seas with many islands.


Covering an area of ca <<<2,000 miles north to south and 3,000 miles east to west>>> Tarusia spans a range of climates and geographies, from the sub-arctic to hot dry deserts. Two ranges of mountains run across its width forming natural barriers to the movement of peoples; the remainder of the continent is rolling plains and occasional ranges of hills.   A particular oddity of it's geography is the Tea of Strange Lands - an inlet from the ocean covering some <<<1,500 square miles>>> with many islands and archipelagos each of greatly differing character in geography, fauna and flora and inhabitants. In some of these lands even the basic rules of nature seem no more than general guidelines.

Fauna & Flora

Broadly similar to Eurasia. Some notably odd or significant species include:-   The Rhymmish Pines - only found is a coastal section of the Tegurian dessert these trees are the source of a highly valued resin, used as incense by many religions and with halucinogenic properties (also shared by the foliage).

Natural Resources

Well provided with timber from its forests, minerals from the Morivan and Barrier mountains, and the agricultural opportunities of it's plains Tarusia is well placed to be a cradle of civilisations and development.


  • Voyage of the Lady Njoragh
  • Tarusia
    The Continent of Tarusia, with it's ethnic, Cultural and State boundaries.


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