Amisher Lords

The Rulers of Mars

Created by Daniel Knapp

The Amisher Lords are anti-technology warlords who gained much support after the A.I. uprising that led to the Terminator War.   Their war-mongering culture emphasizes treating enemies with respect; going to war with sword and bow and magic. Rather than a coward's weapons: guns, machines, and robots.


A loose collection of warlords who agree on several global matters and war with each other about everything else. Every year the leaders meet to decide upon global matters.

Public Agenda

The Terminator War made it clear that A.I. and technology cannot be trusted. It is up to us to find a way to succeed without it.


The entire planet of Mars, and technically own the Intergalactic Expansion Federation. They are unmatched in magical item production, which accounts for a significant amount of Martian offworld exports.


March 26, 2295

After six years of hostile negotiating, the Amisher Lords buy the colonization and ownership rights of mars from the Intergalactic Expansion Federation.


The Amisher Lords establish their first colony, Olympus, with 6,702 colonists. This would eventually become the martian capital city.



After suffering devastating losses in the first elemental war, the Amisher lords spent years reorganizing Mars' political structure into City Zones and Wild Zones. This was a radical change in policy that would shape Martian culture for years to come. Most rules could be enforced in the cities, but only severe ones would be addressed in the wild. This severely limited the governors' involvement outside their cities and allowed for wild communities to figure things out for themselves. Many new policies would be made over the years that are still in effect today.

Demography and Population

The Amisher Lords have full rights and ownership of the entire planet of Mars and all it's satellites. (Amisher Lord's do grant some exceptions.) Each major city and mining city rules over a specific region of Mars' surface. With dozens of sentient races living freely in the wilds.


They had the rights to colonize mars before any colonies existed. As such they are considered natives of Mars.


Each of the 22 ruling cities organizes their military differently. Though in times of global war against a common enemy, they make a formidable coalition of forces.


During the Celestial War, Yahweh was irrefutably confirmed to be the only God in the universe. (though fringe groups of conspiracy theorists clain otherwise. But they are less popular than the illuminati and flat-Marsers.) Over time this has become a simple matter of public knowledge; like the existence of atoms or the invention of the lightbulb. Many actually ignore the implications of this, and choose not to think about life after death.

Foreign Relations

The Amisher Lords are not trusted by most other governments, and are generally avoided if at all possible.

Agriculture & Industry

Most regional cities of Mars have responsibilities that are the main focus of their city. There is not much mass production on Mars since technology is unusable there.

Trade & Transport

Trade between cities and villages can be done a variety of ways. The most secure and expensive is the use of teleportation circles, which is what most of Mars' extraplanar exports and imports use. Besides teleportation a business's mode of transporting goods varies depending on their budget.

Technology cannot be trusted, we must find another way to live

2221 - N/A

Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
Amishers, Martians, tech haters, Terminator activists.
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Gold Coins are the standard currency on Mars. Though it is only called that due to its easy recognition. To avoid inflation, gold coins are made of magical material that can only be created through a taxing ritual spell.
Major Exports
Mars is best known for their skill in enchanting items. Without technology, the Amisher Lords rely heavily on magical research and development to improve themselves. The few things that are mass-produced on mars are items with simple enchantments.
Major Imports
Mars has needed little in the way of imports since Elderadodeveloped efficient transmutation techniques in the late 24th century. Mostly imports consist of luxury items and devices requiring exacting precision.
Legislative Body
The Regional Governors of Mars make the rules concerning their respective region. They all meet on an annual basis to make laws and make global decisions.
Judicial Body
Each regional governor has the freedom to use whatever means they think best, though they are only regional governor as long as their citizens allow. Mostly the cities use appointed judges to decide how justice is carried out.
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories


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