Long ago, strong Nordic roots were planted on the martian coastline. Those with Nordic heritage and followers of Nordic culture spread out from the capital city of Dublin; reintroducing old traditions and making new ones. This country was originally named Skyrim by their people, but was eventually rejected due to copyright laws. (By this time of course, Bethesda Industries was already a very influential and important inter-solar ship making company.) After years of deliberation, The Jarls of the Dublin Region officially named themselves Tamriel. Which curiously enough, is also a word copyrighted by Bethesda. However, thanks to it being less well known property, as well as exclusive deals between Dublin and Bethesda, It was allowed. Tamriel is made up of the wild lands ruled by Dublin. There are over 20 towns of note here, including its four main ports: Sola, Lund, Oslo, and Kalmar. Before the recent extreme change in sea level, the lakes and rivers connected throughout the country were artificially controlled by dams and levies at Olari/Katho and Draet Village to maintain a sustainable water supply. Now, these towns act as bridges across the torrential rivers pouring out to sea.


Each town considered large and well known enough is allowed to have their town mayor appoint or be a Jarl. The leader of Tamriel is a king elected during a king's moot, very similar to how it is done in the classic story of the elder scrolls called Skyrim. Whenever a king dies, is missing, or otherwise considered unfit or unable to rule, the king's moot gathers to elect the new king of Tamriel.

Public Agenda

Respect your rival in business, as you would your rival in war.


Coastal trade and vast farmland make up a lot of Tamriel's exports. The Dublin space tether sees more traffic in and out of Mars than all but Olympus, making it a hub of inter-solar trade. Typically only the wealthy can afford to run their business in the limited space within Dublin, so many smaller businesses are based right outside Dublin's syringe city in the town of Lund. (Recent events have forced Lund to relocate several miles south of Dublin to stay on the coastline.)

Here there be dragons

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Dublin Region, Nord Country, Skyrim
Parent Organization
Amisher Lords


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