The first city of Mars, and the unofficial capital of Mars. This is where the 22 regional governors of Mars meet to decide on global policies.   Olympus's early establishment naturally made it the early center of trade and laws. Its location in the middle of the largest volcano on the planet serves as a fitting example of martian society: Daredevils and risk-takers, at home when in danger.


Traditional Mars law.


A theoretically unbreachable magical shield system. (powered by thermal transferance) Pledge from Gotham Assassins Guild to defend it. (conditionally) miles of active lava completely surounding the city. 5,000 city guards. (exclusive and high paying, many mercenaries work this job in their downtime.) The extremely durable outer shell of the syringe portion of the city. Rumors of global defense systems usually refer to Olympus as the control center.


Synthetic magical products such as: spell motes, artificial caster devices, disposable spell stores, etc. A thriving naturally powered forge also produces unique good quality weapons and armor, often specializing in fire resistance.


Thermal Induction shield system, Lava-boats, Lava docks, self-sustaining city-wide lava-powered safety systems,


Virtually limitless magical energy potential. (thermal transference into magical effects) synthetic magical energy,


Located on top of the semi-active volcano of Olympus Mons.

Natural Resources

Lava and superheated minerals. Most often this resource is used to power industry here.


  • Map of Mars

    Mars was successfully terraformed hundreds of years ago.

Alternative Name(s)
"The Capital" "A syringe city"
2,326,866 as of 2850 AD.
Owning Organization
Amisher Lords
Related Reports (Secondary)


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