Session 1: Final Exam

General Summary

Players: Dylan and Mark Locations: Dublin, Olympus,     Players start out by being told that they cannot go to the graduation ceremony in Olympus without their teacher; Liftrasa Goblinbane. Only those vagabonds that attend the ceremony will be given their starting gold and equipment.   with less than an hour before they miss the ceremony, The two students try to convince their teacher to stop smithing and attend the graduation ceremony with them. Liftrasa turns out to be rather stubborn, and refuses to interupt the smithing process as doing so would ruin what she is working on. After consulting with other teachers, they realize (finally) that they are allowed to fight and force their teacher to come against her will.   Mark and Dylan try to talk her into going with them again, then resort to fighting her. It becomes appaent that lifrasa was going easy on them, and seemed to expect the confrontation. She was visably drained from working and used only her fists and improvised weapons to fight back.   (TBC. Report to be completed)

Rewards Granted

200 gold, some xp. starting equipment.

Missions/Quests Completed

Final Exam Shopping True Vagabond

Character(s) interacted with

Liftrasa Goblinbane, Paelias, Irhtos, "Snake" bright cliffs, Shardon Brushgather, Tessele Greycastle.

Report Date
30 Dec 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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